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Yesterday afternoon, a military aircraft took off from Yushu landed in Golmud City, the plane carrying 60 earthquake seriously injured and a dozen team members of the Peking University People's Hospital medical team. Since Golmud no airport, landing a larger body vibration, a family suddenly found the casualty loss of consciousness, breathing and heartbeat stop, the scene is chaos.
"Immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation!" The deputy director of the emergency department physician, Zhang Xiangyang, rushed to the patient side. Before departure, equipped with first aid kit come in great handy rotation of chest compressions and positive pressure ventilation.
13 minutes, just 13 minutes, the patient's consciousness recovery, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing has improved. Family members are too excited to cry into a ball, took the hand of the players said: "I did not expect Beijing doctor is good."
"Must not be their first fall!"
"We are at noon yesterday from Beijing that night to Yushu airport." People's Hospital medical teams captain Jiang Wei said, "there is no electricity, no water, no rice, no mobile phone signal. Airport is only prepared to transhipment of seriously ill and hundreds of boxes of confusion supplies. we said nothing to start the uninstallation supplies and to assist the wounded in the transshipment airport.
Aircraft, the players a taste of the severe cold and oxygen. Efforts to overcome the extreme discomfort, a busy four hours, until late at night. The high intensity of labor caused by altitude sickness increased, the three female members have been unable to walk. Players pale, dizziness, weakness, everyone panting and sweating. We encourage each other: "Hang in there, such as adaptation like us to save lives, must not be their first fall." Wait until all the wounded security to the aircraft, the players breath, collapsed in ground.
Independence set up the People's Hospital medical posts
Yushu regions do not have adequate relief medical conditions early in the morning yesterday, the disaster area patients will all be shipped to the Yushu airport, waiting for the transshipment and treatment. Many of the wounded did not receive timely treatment and treatment. People's Hospital medical team yesterday morning on the successful treatment of the transfer of patients over 70.
"We brought 200 boxes of medical first aid medicines and equipment, instruments, is the most comprehensive in the various medical teams." Introduced Jiang captain, focus on increasing the hospital in preparation for the relief supplies, according to the experience of the earthquake rescue orthopedics, general surgery suture disinfection debridement and other materials and equipment and medicines, and to bring their own generators.
Health Department in Qinghai People's Hospital medical team has set up independent health stations the conditions, commissioned by the medical team set up in Yushu Airport Peking University People's Hospital medical posts. This is the Ministry of Health, the first batch of earthquake relief medical team only creation of a separate point of care medical team.
Moved to within one hour on the operating table
The overall arrangement according to the higher authorities, the People's Hospital yesterday afternoon, the medical team responsible for transport 60 seriously injured in Golmud City, Qinghai Province.
7:00 pm, the medical team arrived in Golmud City, just over one hours, the deputy director of neurosurgery physician Bo standing on the operating table. At the same time, the bone traumatology, emergency department, the Department of Thoracic Surgery, Critical Care Medicine, surgery, anesthesiology and other nine health care workers are also busy in their respective positions.

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