Internet data center (Internet Data Center) referred to the IDC. The telecommunications sector is the use of existing Internet communication line bandwidth resources, the establishment of standardized telecommunications professional class room environment, server hosting, leased, as well as related value-added aspects of the full range of services to businesses, governments. That is, the server into the data center server company, is what we usually call the server rental and hosting and other business. IDC server hosting business through the use of telecommunications enterprises or government agencies no longer need to build their own dedicated computer room, the laying of expensive communication lines, and need not hired network engineer, you can solve many of the professional requirements of their use of the Internet. The main application areas of IDC hosting website, web hosting and e-commerce. Such as websites, units managed host to the Internet static IP address allocation from the telecommunications sector, you can publish your own www site, their products or services through the Internet widely publicized; virtual host units through the managed host to host their own massive hard drive space rental, and for other customers to provide virtual hosting services, become ICP ISP; e-commerce refers to the units through a managed host, to establish their own e-commerce system, a commercial platform for suppliers, wholesalers resellers and end users to provide better service. IDC, namely the Internet data center. It is accompanied by the development needs of the Internet is rapidly developed and become indispensable in the new century, China's Internet industry. Internet content provider (ICP), business, media and various websites to provide large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable specialized server hosting, space rental, wholesale network bandwidth, as well as ASP, EC business. IDC (Internet data center) is not an authoritative definition, but it has a deeper connotation than the traditional data center, it is along with the Internet evolving needs developed by ICP, corporate, media and The class Web site to provide large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable specialized server hosting, space rental, wholesale network bandwidth, and ASP, EC business. The data center had been in the mainframe era, was to provide mainframe hosting, outsourced or centralized management and maintenance in order to achieve the professional management and reduce operating costs the purpose. IDC is settled (Hosting) enterprises, tenants or server group hosted sites; various modes of e-commerce on which the safe operation of infrastructure, and support the enterprise and its business alliance with its distributors, suppliers, customers such as the implementation of value chain management platform. IDC there are two very important features: the position in the network and the network bandwidth capacity, which constitutes part of the network infrastructure resources, like the backbone network, access network, which provides a high-end data transfer ( Data Delivery) service, providing high-speed access services.
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very true..internet has made the world so compact. distance have shortened. people from EAST can connect to the people from WEST.


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