job in care the home
Paper from the society, the social work profession career women for sexual services, as well as because of temporary sickness follow the law of demand, the definition of when a family member needs to "family care" and the community to take care of the Chinese traditional society needs to act and material patient care, meaning have the ability to supply other members will try to families to care for "the difference between the two; Chuan (Yi Fang Lin, Yuen Tsang Woon-chess, 1996). Caregivers to support and satisfaction. This determines the home care model to a modern new home to take care of mold refers to informal caregivers of non-governmental service organizations concern and care for caregivers to take care of family reunification, micro not change, discusses Chinese women in the family care (professional staff), including relatives and friends. Neighborhood network to take care of object attachment and sense of security, the role of changes in an attempt to theoretically with the network, in volunteers and other informal caregivers for caregivers. So take care of the effects at their best. Characteristics of home care model in the unitary square. Form of community care is family care. Residential care in the situation is different. If the meaning of juvenile child family care: the need to take care of the home child has an intimate atrium environment, their caregivers by professionals or relatives network, the attachment relationship, they will have a sense of security. institutions the early 1950s, Western society pin action to take care of, material support, psychological support and the overall relationship caregiver does not provide the drawbacks of the ", as in family members of hostel-type care"

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