jobs at a four seasons
Spring, summer, autumn and winter this four beautiful girls with their unique, gentle, warm, mature and aloof came to earth. Quarter after quarter, year after year, with the passage of time, everything together over time disappeared, and only them, still came to the earth year after year, keep looking at everyone.

Look, in the cold season, spring girl quietly coming. All wearing the green, a green hair lovingly draped over her shoulders, like a Galaxy Lost Bise Falls.

See her gently waved, the ice and snow of the earth has become an instant flowers. A gust of wind hit the folder with the fragrance of flowers in the wind to fill my mind.

I gently pulled the girl he tried to leave the spring, puzzled, asked: "spring girl, why do you want to warm to bring the earth? Just for the beauty of the earth?" Spring girl smiled. gently replied: "Because the earth needs me to bring it warm." I hear more puzzled, asked: "how do you know the earth needs it?" smile, she said: "I am most understand the heart of the earth. "he finished, she turned into a gust of wind, the wind goes by, leaving only standing lost in the wind ...

Wen, summer girl with autumn girl sisters of the same came to the earth, this lively and sisters will become the land of fragrance overflowing.

You smell the hot summer flavor? Do you smell the autumn fruit flavor?

The same from them, but also ready to go hand in hand away, I am busy stopped them and asked: "Why are you will be warm and maturity to bring the earth do? Summer girl blinked her eyes water Lingling big eyes and mischievously asked: "Why do you ask this question? "I ......" I did not know what to say when the autumn girl smiled brightly and said: "others give it the warmth of the earth with a warm - but also with the enthusiasm of youth and middle age mature a. Next, it is also the owner, not experience suffering. "When he finished, such as spring girl, girl summer and autumn girl two sisters disappeared in the wind, the same left standing still lost in the wind ...

Listen winter girl, the whirring sound of wind, let the earth tremble. 

She was brutally taken away before the earth has an instant, the earth only a white frost, the former not complex has.

I angrily questions the winter girl: "Why do you want to spring, summer, autumn and three girls to give of all the destruction of the earth?" The earth needs to suffering. "She replied coldly, as she represents the season - winter as cold. I hear that, did not say anything, I angrily away, Touyemeihui.

Soon, the recovery of all things, spring girl quietly came back, like last year, one year later, spring girl as beautiful as ever, and I age, the one-year-old, mature also increased one point, but still do not understand season the girls say.

Spring girl I had to ask: Spring girl, why you Four Seasons warmth to the earth after suffering to it, to its suffering and then re-warm to bring it? Only warmth to the earth is not better? "such as last year, spring girl smiled and gently said:" because who in their lifetime to get warm, Instead, he must also suffer the ordeal, which is the earth must go through ! "When he finished, the same as last year, drip passed away in the wind, leaving only standing in the wind ...

Four Seasons is still changing, I seem to understand what.

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