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Spread a message a few days ago the National High Blood Pressure, high blood pressure is not only geriatrics, now in Shanghai young people, especially young professionals, has become a high blood pressure "reinforcements", accounting for 20% of hypertensive patients . The doctor pointed out that the young white-collar work pressure, fierce competition, long-term state of tension is caused by the main cause of high blood pressure. In addition, smoking, drinking and other bad lifestyle lead to disease.

His body may be "hidden", you vigilant? Have you ever encountered the situation can not reconcile their work and health? How did you react?

White-collar workers with a meal to work?

Closely related to the health and eating habits, I always pay attention to this problem. Every day to eat it became chronic. Building restaurants, the company does not provide meal allowance. This can be hard we wage is not high white-collar workers, size of the bosses every day out for the flower head to eat, that our wages where to stand so overhead. This lot, even the inexpensive, clean and reliable takeaway can not be found. The most common staff lunch is often a sandwich, a cup of milk.

Boil for some side work while listening to the stomach to protest the suffering of the day, I finally put down the face, and obediently follow her mother's advice, carry a lunch box to work from home every day. Most embarrassing once met an old classmate in the subway, she was outspoken in the car cried out: "Do you now how like an old aunt-like, What are the age, with a meal to work from home?" many people are surprised over here, I was really anxious to find a seam drilling to go.

Well, Who I am fit work and afraid of broken body? Shoulin lunch boxes to the embarrassment of wearing a suit high heels had to continue. Zhang Yue

Only multi-check

I am now is a relatively young and healthy, but did not relax vigilance of hypertension, because my mother is hypertensive patients, she is often talking about a young man do not pay attention regret. I have read the book, knowing that the risk of people with a family history of disease is higher than the average person, so you should pay attention to prevent and check often.

Now, the only thing I sure can do is care about blood pressure in each examination, usually if dizziness or sleep disturbance occurs is not taken lightly; when they are free to come up with an amount of home blood pressure measurement, to avoid the mother mistakes from happening again . Force is

Do not drink and drunk and I move

This has always been a wine gall no amount of alcohol on the table, do not need others more than effort can I outlasted. Friends to meet Fortunately, we still understand, to work entertaining, do not drink often be interpreted as do not want to drink, not to face, unhappy customers, business "suffering" will be more. In view of this, though he can not drink the injury does not hurt the body, the first drink to say. A few years later, the drinker is not how long, stomach with pregnant a few months pregnant like. Last month, have organized physical examination, blood pressure than ever high, the gall bladder is also pain.

Can not be healthy, work correct, it can only rely on his wife. Recently, she saw the magazine got a new a very effective method: wine, drink a glass of milk, limiting alcohol absorption; more than a bite of the wine; drink plus a multi-vitamin supplement vitamin B; home, drink plenty of kudzu water only to add water and hangover. Health at work is finally able to combine. ZHOU

Change the entertaining way

I do foreign trade, opened a small company has accumulated some work experience. My boss everything myself, especially in the customer's entertainment aspects. You know, business does not drink no. Nightly entertainment but it hurts the body, I often feel stomach, liver and uncomfortable, the doctor advised me not to more drinking. Later I figured out, poor health, making money was more useless.

We have changed our strategy, as bowling, sauna, singing karaoke and other entertainment activities of the arrangements, did not expect, customers find it very innovative. In this way, I only changed a bad entertainment, to ensure the health and negotiate business. Ding Xin

Do not pump when the pump

I work for only two years, can look very bad. Graduation hair suddenly broken the law of physical exercise a little fat, not enough time to develop a weight loss program, six months of intense work on the "success" to solve the problem, even my neck is also a whole tired, thin circle. I do not eat breakfast, lunch, no appetite, dinner is old, may be at a home, like a hungry wolf, and wished he could see what to eat what. I know this regular eating habits, such reckless eating and drinking will bring and what the consequences, may be unable to control themselves. Think about another two years, my "fat" must not, but also how it --- while multi-stroke a few years. I child

His wife is my shield

My body fat, high blood pressure, although also not be considered in patients with hypertension, the view of the mother, family history of hypertension, so this problem, I have always been carefully, and dare not take it lightly.

This position I now work, entertainment, many can not shirk beverages on behalf of the wine mixed not in the past, his wife became my shield. "It is I'm sorry, I have high blood pressure, his wife confessed, are not allowed to drink and then I do not ......" My friends joked that I was his wife strict Dangxia all kinds should not drink wine, but the key moment of all for me. Body is their own, a wife tube strict head count what?

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