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Nursing as an important part of the medical and health services, and the people's health and safety are closely related. Changing modern medical model and the new concepts of health care work has undergone profound changes, the connotation has also been a certain amount of expansion.
First, establish the nursing concept of "humane care" to strengthen the awareness of active service to improve the standard of care
Nursing Department has organized a new concept of training courses for care services; to carry out a quality service, build a harmonious relationship between nurses, organizational learning "videos watched" Ding Yimei matron, and discussed, in order to arouse the care personnel, to carry forward the dedication, passion for work, selfless dedication to the nursing deeply appreciate the care work ordinary, but the high expectations of the patient care work. Developed a "nursing distance care services to lodge a complaint," the goal, to carry out hospital-wide initiative "," Qin "," heart "," 61 "," Seven sound "main content services.
Communication is now necessary skills of doctors who, it is not only a skill, the law entrusted to us, is to build a harmonious relationship between nurses ties and lubricants. Nursing Department set up a "nurse-patient communication office, responsible for the monthly survey, held quarterly patient forum, has published a free postage envelope issued to discharged patients by nurses. Enhanced communication between the nursing department with the patient, are widely listened to the voices of patients, and collected many valuable suggestions and comments, targeted to improve the lack of work, enhance the quality of care services in order to increase opportunities for clinical nurse communication with patients require the ward nurse to each new patients admitted to the ward environment, Admission, the rest system, patients' rights. Ward the development of health education promotional materials, regular health education. Increase patients' understanding of the disease and to respect the patient's right to know, the nurses in the implementation of drug therapy, infusion, strictly fulfill the obligation of blood transfusion. The operating room specification and implementation of perioperative visits system, strengthening the nurse-patient communication, eliminating fears of preoperative patients, and enhance the confidence of the disease with surgery to overcome. Outpatient nurses in the use of lectures, health education and promotion materials, blackboard and other forms of disease prevention knowledge to patient education, and given every Tuesday for the Health Education Awareness Day, the praise of the patient. Hospital to take effective care patient communication not only improves patient satisfaction, and also significantly reduced the nurse-patient disputes, make the concept of "humane care" care to be implemented.

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