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Occupational Health aims to improve working conditions, the elimination and prevention of occupational hazards and reduce occupational diseases, in order to protect the workers' physical health, the promotion of national economic construction. After the founding of new China, especially from eleven to avoid since the Third Plenary, under the guidance of the prevention-oriented health policy, occupational health business in China has achieved fruitful results. Established a nationwide network of a more systematic protection of workers' health, formulated and promulgated a rare in developed countries 52 and the diagnosis of occupational standards and principles and a set of labor hygiene standards "for the protection of workers health and make a contribution.
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Social progress and the advancement of technology

However, with social progress and technological advances, the majority of the people's cultural quality and level of health awareness is also a corresponding increase, which is bound to give the protection of workers' health, for the purpose of occupational health field to the new challenges.
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Serious harm

First of all, the scientific and technological progress in some cases may be to workers adversely affect or even cause serious harm to their health. For example, in order to improve the production efficiency of existing township industry in the manual is generally replaced by mechanized production or assembly-line, then if the organization properly, will give these workers work in a spirit of high tension because of its tedious the operation of the psychological barriers arising from a variety of diseases. In another example, due to advances in technology, increasing use of new chemical substances or new processes to produce serious adverse effects in the operation and use of staff do not understand or do not know its dangers, it is likely their health. Secondly, the industrial structure changed and changed industry conditions, changes in the tertiary industry may have special health problems of labor and the frequent changes of the system of socialist market economy under the conditions of employment has also brought a number of occupational health issues.

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