jobs in a care home
How hard it is to find a job? British 46-year-old single Hanyiwansi very qualified to speak: he spent 26 years, voted in more than 300 resumes, only to find a job on September 17, 2009.
After 20 years of hard to find, Evans finally found a job in a nursing home as a nursing assistant, will be reporting for duty on September 21. He said: "When they told me I got the job when I could not believe it. I ask them to repeat that I put down the phone still skeptical, I think many setbacks, I have lost confidence I believe continue to find, no matter how many years that one day I will be able to find a job now finally paid off, my confidence has also improved, although a little nervous before going to work.
Evans died of a brain tumor at age 16 hospitalized, three years later, he suffered from epilepsy. This means that he can not engage in car control machinery and equipment and other work. Evans believes that this is one of the the reasons for the difficulty of his job.
Lose their jobs after only 20 years old, he can not be reconciled to doing nothing, began to find a new job. However, he applied for a variety of positions, including teaching, accounting, ended in failure. Evans are not willing to start re-learning, on dozens of training courses, including the number of computers and typing, although he won a bunch of certificates, in the job on the road or repeatedly rebuffed.
He said: "When was rejected, I feel dejected, but I never stop trying, I have to find a job to sit down and eating welfare live is very easy, but I do not want to waste the rest of my life." His side in a hospital as a volunteer, while continuing to press for recruitment.
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on the 18th, 1983, Evans, where the steel mills bankruptcy closed, Evans lost his job, has become an "extra person".

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