jobs in care the home
This is a fellow, he has two problems: "I have two sons, elementary school, fifth grade, fourth grade, when homework is tight. I have a stable work. Husband always asked me not to work, go home help the child often say that if you do not go home, he does not reason. housework is that I arranged after work, family affairs, about every night at about 10:30, after my morning and evening, sometimes only read a few Beige sound and I am happy to do so, just do not come home from work, the problem can not be resolved; cost of living, does not work without a problem if I do not work will be able to solve family problems? "
A: If the economy is able to get by, does not work the best. WHY? The family is your most important job. The ancient Chinese often speak of "harmony, families can thrive, really speaking, this sovereignty is controlled by the body of the wife. Master Yin Kuang Wenchao "inside speak to persuade women not to participate in social work. Unless you are a last resort, your home is a person make money, there is no way of life, forces you to only go to work; impoverished life to maintain, it is best not to work. WHY? Your sons and daughters, and his example is the parents. The parents make the best models in the family, your children will grow up and fulfill his achievement is not only one of glory, the happiness of the whole community. For the country the benefit of society, your boundless boundless!
     So many people do not understand this truth, desperate women in society with others to compete work, regardless of family. Even in the community mix very good, not your children, he does not know the stakes. Of your home and some of his servants to take care of your child, your child is servant with his reckoning Show servants, he studied them, you say how this loss! Founder Dade speak is correct, then bitter life are not afraid, as long as they can to survive, inside the home to take care of the family with children is the most sacred work.

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