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Deputy Minister of Health Yin Li, the Secretary of the State Food and Drug Administration has various medical and health institutions at all levels of our country specifically for the ability of elderly services is very limited, said in the "12th Five-Year" period, the further implementation of positive healthy aging strategies, and improve the Medicare and protection policies and measures, and vigorously support and development of healthy aging industry.

Each year on April 7 is World Health Day, this year's theme is "aging and health. In the morning, the Chinese Ministry of Health, organized by the National Office on Aging, the World Health Organization, carried out by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to support healthy aging seminars held in Beijing.

Yin Li, said the Ministry of Health attaches great importance to the elderly health, have been put forward to the implementation of relevant policies and measures, elderly health progress is obvious. First, the old health service network is increasingly robust, convenient to the elderly medical treatment, elderly care services gradually extended to the families and communities. Second, Medicare and security continue to strengthen basic medical security system effectively reduce the medical care burden of the elderly. Elderly health services is gradually expanding, elderly health management included in the basic public health services for health reform.

Yin Li pointed out that the number of aging has been highest in the world. The 2010 national census results show that China has 119 million 65 years or older, accounting for 8.87 percent of the country's total population. Elderly health work in China is facing great difficulties and challenges: My elderly, sick to survive a long time, medical expenses, elderly health policies and measures are still not perfect, the characteristics of professional health services for the elderly have not formed the ability of various medical and health institutions at all levels of services for the elderly is very limited.

In response to rapid population aging in China, the Chinese government has introduced two plans: China Aging Development "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and "social care service system," 12 "Planning", in "12 added during various types of pension 3.42 million beds to encourage primary health care sector to provide health services for the elderly and to monitor the health status of elderly people aged 65 and above, the development of aging industries to meet the health care needs of the elderly.

It is understood that the global population is rapidly aging, According to the United Nations Population Fund predicts that the next five years, 65 years or more will be the first time in human history, more than five years of age the number of children, the demographic changes in developing countries will be particularly significant. The French population aged 65 and over increased from 7% to 14% with more than 100 years, the same growth rate in Brazil, China and other countries use only about 25 years.

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