jobs in home health care
Beijing regardless of city or the suburbs, the prevalence of chronic diseases are rising fast, and the younger trends are becoming evident, unreasonable dietary structure, overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, excessive drinking and other unhealthy habits has become a serious important factor affecting the health of Beijing residents.
    Family members of similar genetic background and common habits lead to chronic diseases often appear to the family of multiple phenomenon. City Health Bureau, the role of the family health worker is to have the practical knowledge and skills of Chronic Disease Prevention, the correct guidance of their families to develop healthy diet, exercise habits.
    According to the Beijing community health services management center tracking, home health workers to attend training, daily living habits and basic health indicators have a significant change, and other family members had a significant effect. For example, family members, smoking, drinking and other bad habits to reduce; reduce the intake of oil and salt; movement a week increase in the number; consumption of fruits and vegetables also increased the variety of chronic disease risk factors has been effectively controlled physical health is getting better and better.

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