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 A survey shows that the Suzhou region has 50 million dogs, 40,000 cats. In Taipei, there are up to 90% more than feeding the Lord pet to pet allergens can cause significant increase in indoor, doctors warned that home.
Cats or dogs in Suzhou, people used to go out put feed in the morning in the bowl to let the beloved puppy or kitten does not go hungry. However, the pet food if you feed spilled or residual feed left in the bowl attracted cockroaches to gather food, may lead to the allergens in the home environment greatly increased.
The Taicang Friendship Hospital doctors to remind, is generally known dust mites, cats and dogs is apt to cause allergies, but ignore the keeping of pets or the environment clean and tidy attracted cockroaches in fact, is the second largest allergens. Pet feed and water for a long time placed in the room, if there is no time to clean up cockroach has become the best living environment, has also become the allergens of the children, parents should pay special attention.

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