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Asthma is a chronic small airway inflammatory disease, although the sudden onset of small airway inflammation, but long-term persistence, and therefore require long-term anti-allergy treatment.
Parents must realize that, even if the child is an asthma attack under control, temporarily without any wheezing symptoms (remission), still need to insist on taking preventive medicines every day, the best application of BDP or Pulmicort aerosol inhalation. Inhalation dose by the doctor according to the child's condition to determine, with mild asthma need continuous inhalation of 3 to 6 months; weight are required to continuously exposed to a longer time.
The Asthma whether to simply control the key is prevention. Preventive approaches to eliminate allergens from the child's living environment. Common allergens and the precautionary approach: First, pollen or mold spores in the ambient air, the peak of pollen or mold, the best little kids to outdoor activities; must go out, wear a mask; the dust mites and cockroaches in the bedroom, living room dust contains a large number of dust mites.
Mites desquamation of the skin food, live in pillows, bedding, carpets, and plush toys, multiply quickly in the dark and humid environment. The greatest harm of mites and their droppings can cause the child allergy induced asthma attack. Some children will be allergic to cockroach excrement.
So to wash the drying ground or boiled, bedding, carpets, do not play with plush toys, the use of pesticides to the eradication of cockroaches. Note spraying or cleaning indoor plumbing, asthma in children should be allowed to leave the scene; to be the thorough ventilation of the room only after the child back to indoor.
Because many children are allergic to animal hair or feathers, so the children have asthma home is best not to pet. Third, a variety of smoke and irritant gases. Aerosol of tobacco will increase the sensitivity of the pediatric airway, increased asthma symptoms, the best parents do not smoke.

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