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The older sense of happiness, the lower
Investigators to the children's life satisfaction score, 1 being the worst, 10 being the most happy and well-being. Interviewed people were divided into eight points, to select the proportion of 10 to nearly half, 46.5 percent of children that the most fun and happiness. In different school-age children, as age increases happiness worse, the pupils of average happiness is 8.4, the middle school students was 7.05 points and 7.36 points for high school students.
The survey shows that the main problems facing children now the top few are: easy to network addiction (69%), lack of exercise (51%), learning pressure (50%), lack of household labor and academic burden (accounting for 43% and 44%).
Communicate with parents, children daily 32 minutes
The survey shows that parents and children, the average daily communication time is 32 minutes, the average primary, secondary and high school children and parents chat is not very different, indicating that the length of time with the children of parent-child communication independent of the learning phase.
Order to improve the quality of children's doing, the parents, the top three accompany their children and play games together (42%), often move together (39%), interest classes (38%).

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