old age home requirements
About mostly older movies will reveals a somewhat bleak, "over the old people's homes with the previous sentimental Peach Sister," also about the elderly face of death beyond the self-story, but this is almost assembled the mouth of all the famous old artist film director Zhang Yang has become an almost "crazy" and "inspirational youth film". Heroine Yan C Yan also said that the film can these old actors back together it is a "meritorious" issues which need great courage to complete.
Flying over homes for the aged more than 30 old artist brings together an old actor Zhang Huaxun also the son of film star in an important role, but can not recognize his father in the studio publicity ", but refer to" Zhang Huaxun teacher then you received a little, but the father was very proud, "the director should control the overall situation, so he say is valid."
The elderly 85-year-old Tian Chinese teacher claiming to be a fan of Zhang Yang, the mention he was particularly excited, she used to read the most dedicated movie publicity is directed to "bath", "Good to see that even the toilets are not willing to go ", and Tian hua also said that the life of the most important two works, a young" White ", another shot in the old after leap in nursing homes.

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