the private care at the home
Private homes for the aged care workers to force the mother to eat the dung events, homes for the aged quality to provoke concern, the SAR Government is studying the Elderly Commission Elderly Residential Services Research report, "Ming Pao" will be a series of reports to explore the private Dean living conditions.

Hong Kong Baptist University has just completed the first private residential care homes quality survey, expose to stay at the homes for the elderly "physical health, mental health, environmental quality, and relationships" four indicators are all on the low side. Responsible for investigating and scholars criticize the private president being subjected to "inhuman" treatment, such as two days to take a bath once a rigid time changing diapers, and even incontinence do not care, private hospital and health conditions as elder abuse, deprivation of the elderly should be dignity.

HKBU Department of Social Work Assistant Professor Liang instrument, together with researchers from September to December last year, approved by the 53 private homes-on-one access with the 317 elderly residents and found that more than 70% of the elderly are not satisfied with the institutional settings and equipment, I feel that the staff respect and dissatisfaction with the attitude of the staff services. Liang instrument does not deny that the private hospital residents' quality of life, poor health, nearly half of the inmates suffer from five or more serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc., not given to improve medical care.

Liang stressed that the value of more concern is the residents not hold the future expectations, and asked, "most of the changes, half of the answer" no ", 20% answered" If you want the firms to go ", and 5.7 percent long The answer would like to quickly die, die comfortably ". Liang said that some elderly people can not move and illness, has lost the will to live.

The study also found that homes the lack of resources caused by the elderly has been subjected to inhumane treatment. The University research assistant Yu-Chen Chang pointed out that the 53 respondents homes, all men and women separated from a bath every other day. Incontinence diapers health situation of the elderly package more unbearable homes rigid time changer, regardless of the elderly when the toilet, and grime are "baked" in diapers, the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) abnormal common skin disease, the vast partly due to health problems. "

Liang instrument for example, the private hospital to accommodate the care workers in two shifts, from 7:00 am to eat four meals a day in the evening 5-6, but the inmates too early to eat dinner with their next meal was coming from more than 10 hours apart, are To starve the next day, did not take into account the needs of the elderly.

Liang said, that understand the business private hospital is a business and rely on the elderly only to the 4000-5000 multi-CSSA payments for hospital charges, the shortage of resources, inevitably the price of the goods. She hopes that the Government will pay attention to the aging of the population, to enter into residential care homes of a reasonable standard in the short term, long-term to cope with the MPF policy, government funding, to enhance the quality of services for the elderly.

Been criticized for poor quality of the private hospital, Hong Kong Elderly Services Association President Li explained, elderly skin secretion decreased, without a bath every day, so bathing and regular diapers every other day is a common practice in the elderly incontinence or vomiting care workers will immediately wash or changer for them.

Li acknowledged that low-cost homes fighting vicious competition, lead to vary tremendously in quality, in particular, Sham Shui Po, such as an aging population and low-income old areas, low-quality homes to the hardest hit. She suggested that the industry entered into a classification, such as hotel-like sub-star for consumers' reference. According to the survey, the homes of decent quality inmates are charged for at least 6000-7000 yuan, you can imagine how poor the quality of the monthly income of 3000 yuan.

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