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Streamlined automation to reduce product costs and increase flexibility

You every day to respond to new economic pressures, scientific and technological progress, narrowing of the patent term "blockbuster" drug channels.

In order to cope with global competition, the pressure of government pricing restrictions, imitation, and the cost of litigation, that can help you reduce the production risks of global partners, he should have an integrated control and information architecture that can help you optimize production to achieve the electronic batch record (EBR), and order processing.
Production targeted therapy and biotechnology-based drugs in the flexible recipe management, bio-technology to solve the programs and clinical trials management expertise.
Throughout the production cycle you will have to face the challenges of price, quality, flexibility, and normative - from raw materials to the transport of manufactured products - and ultimately improve time to market.

With industry expertise, we can gain a profound understanding of stable quality, identify and track the pressure - regardless of where manufacturing and sales.

We help you to use automation technology as a competitive advantage - the streamlined manufacturing process and through the use of new products to meet the frequently changing, hybrid optimization, labeling and packaging, as well as to a number of products named to the challenges posed by an open and flexible solutions reduce production costs.

In addition, a comprehensive solution to meet each stage of the manufacturing operations. By using the Integrated Architecture, you can get the new control, visualization, networking, information management and normative coherence function - Integrated Architecture is the only one can run the integration of discrete, motion, drive, process and safety control control and information platform, which can ensure that different automation technologies work together.

You can get the right information in the right place and right time to make the right business decisions. .

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