of quality care homes
Chi Lin Nunnery was founded in 1934, the founder of Master reed hut this be built in a traditional monastery for monks Kiyonaga, due to a large number of internal migrants flocked to the society at that time very keen demand for welfare services, it was decided temporarily set aside to construct a temple plan, the original ancient big house changed to permitted, dedicated to education and welfare services. Free schools first opened in 1948 to provide educational opportunities for near-poverty children out of school, then Muli Ci juvenile homes and residential non-government-funded start-up in 1957, to accept the helpless orphans and the elderly.

1980s, socio-economic improvement, the Salesian sharp drop in demand for services, the Salesian hospital came to an close down, due to Hong Kong's population is aging, the Nunnery, is committed to the development of services for the elderly, and the promotion of Buddhist culture.

In 1991, Chi Lin Nunnery original of residential care homes to rebuild for the care and attention homes, the first phase of the project was completed at the end of 1993, with 184 places, the second phase of the project was completed by the end of 1995, when the places 284 To December 1999, places increased to 318.


To provide comprehensive quality care for the elderly, and promote the good health of the inmates, providing a beautiful environment, complete facilities and cultural and recreational activities to meet the needs of the elderly body and soul, so that they enjoy a positive and happy old age.

Environment and facilities

Bedroom fully air-conditioned, with direct dial telephone, television, refrigerator, private bathroom, hot and cold water pipes, as people bell, and other convenient facilities.

The spacious dining room and elegant living room, residents can be comfortable dining, meeting with relatives, friends or chat.

With open-air garden for residents' relaxation.
A fully equipped laundry and kitchen, washing clothes and supplies for residents healthy vegetarian diet.

Equipped with the charges hospital shuttle bus service.

Service object
The hospital now has 78 places to 100 places in the near future. Meet the following conditions may apply for admission:
The elderly aged 60 or above

Willing to vegetarians.

Free from contagious diseases, the mentally ill, medically certified to the appropriate inmate.

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