residential homes
The formation of the concept of community care is more complex, therefore, so far, its still is no generally accepted explanation. The definition of the concept of community care, the different people in it have a different understanding: the 1989 White Paper on community care in the United Kingdom pointed out that: "community care" refers to due to old age, mental illness, mental disorders or physical and sensory dysfunction trapped by those who provide services and support them as much as possible in their own homes or communities, "family-like environment to live independent lives.
Bulmer believes that "community care" refers to the resources available outside the formal institutions, especially the informal relations of family, friends or neighbors as a tool to provide care.
Community care by non-professional persons in the home or work environment to provide assistance, support or care for Albers (P.Arams). "
Wan education dimension is considered, the basic spirit of serving the community and the ideas and the normalization of life in the same, are those who need to be taken care of properly supported or information services, to enable them to have dignity, to live independently in their own homes or similar within the family environment of the community.
Community care social workers to mobilize community resources, use of informal support networks, formal joint service to provide support services and facilities, the need to take care of those who receive care at home or in the community, in their familiar environment in their care and help from welfare services model. Community care can be seen as a network of social services, formal to informal networks and a variety of social service agencies to match constitutes a network.

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