seasons health care
 The heavens and the earth has a "Chun-sheng, long summer, autumn, winter provisions" of the movement and changes in the law. People want health should be "Tianshun, follow this rule. Year of the Dragon, it may be their year to develop a plan of health plans.
Said Yinianzhiji is spring, spring is an important season for health, because all things spring initiation, it is nursed back to health the body a golden opportunity.
Spring health tips: Liver first
Chinese medicine believes that the main spring in the human liver, the liver naturally busy in the spring. The liver is an important organ of the body, it has to regulate qi and blood to help the stomach digest food, absorb nutrients function and Regulating Emotions, Reorganizing the air-the role. Therefore, if improperly in Spring, it will be hurt the liver. Conversely, spring Liver successfully implemented, will bring year-round health Kangan Shou.
In addition, the spring is a bacteria, virus propagation, breeding season, the liver has the function of detoxification, detoxification, the heaviest burden, and people qi ascending, can also cause relapse.
Liver diet
Eat chicken livers: chicken livers sweet while warm, better than the other animals, liver Bugan role. Desirability of fresh chicken livers 3, 100 grams of rice, boiled chicken liver porridge eating.
Drink juice: in the theory of five elements, the liver is wood, the Bugan So you want to eat food of the wood, wood foods are often the color is green, the taste is sour. Suitable to extract juice drink beneficial to the liver and gallbladder. Purifying the liver juice with spinach juice, kiwi juice, lemon juice, grape juice.
3 more than vinegar alone: vinegar acid hepatic, Liver and stasis, detoxification, antibacterial and other effects. Daily vinegar 40 ml warm water and dilute after the Beverage; also available vinegar to soak the eggs or vinegar, soy foam.

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