IDC can provide users with the following specific services. Server load balancing: With the increase of site content, increased functionality, making the number of the site's server support began to increase the site's server load balancing services can be based on the actual server response traffic load between all servers in the server group in the time balance, to improve site performance and responsiveness, while reducing the occurrence of errors. Website Acceleration Services: Site Accelerator service allows the server to handle condoms Socket Layer (SSL) encryption / decryption work efficiency to increase the number of times to hundreds of times, thereby improving the response speed of the site secure transactions. With this service, the site can maximize the use of Internet server investment, under the premise that without sacrificing the speed of website access, to ensure the security of e-commerce transactions. With forward with extraordinary speed, the Chinese Internet is also growing demand for business users on the IDC, with the business transformation of telecom operators, a variety of data services is also emerging, such as China Telecom the megaupload plans to carry out the implementation of China IDC business systems such as mobile has also been a growing number of authorized users, have also been more and more attention as its main business platform IDC, security is one of the focuses. Today, not only domestic IDC business growth rapidly in the booming international IDC's Enterprise, with China's accession to the WTO, China's foreign trade growing number of overseas IDC demand is growing, the internationalization of IDC's Enterprise enables customers to find the right overseas resources. to conduct trade, which greatly promoted the development process of China's foreign trade!

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