sport health club
 It is reported that Hosa (hosa) brand to enter the Chinese mainland in 1986, its representatives and leading fashion fitness trend, making it the preferred brand of dress of China, many of the world's top models of beauty contests and all kinds of sports events and other appearances. Either professional models or various types of beauty pageants in recent years, the embodiment of all released games for the the Hosa fashion fitness clothing, filling Hosa fashion trends and fashions and professional integration, and support for sports events of the aerobics competitions Hosa brand to obtain the trust of more fitness enthusiasts.
Hao sand of the quality, in line with the movement and the human needs of the professional design products, by virtue of humane care, professional fashion personalized service to become fitness yoga, water sports, sports and leisure underwear, clothing and fashion fitness services of experts, and achievements of the superior excellence of indoor sports brand. Today, Hosa, indoor sports products and indoor sports service center, through the seamless integration of upstream and downstream industries, and steadily to a cluster extension of multi-industry, has become a renowned interior of Asia's leading sports brand.
Hosa international advanced fitness club management mode and the international fashion fitness experience into the Chinese market, initiated China Hosa health club chain system Hosa Fitness virtue with advanced international membership management system, improve the effective fashion fitness project, International Outstanding team of professionals, open and comfortable sports environment and the dynamic of the Hosa brand fashion appeal, as the preferred site for the fashion fitness. The development so far, The Hosa fitness has 100 chain of fitness clubs, to become Asia's largest chain of fitness clubs.

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