Changeable spring weather, turns warm again, coupled with the north wind, and sometimes there is sand and dust storms, people tend to neglect physical exercise, resulting in decreased resistance to disease, so it is vulnerable to cold, the elderly, children and infirm and themost common in the population. Exercise and therefore strengthen, enhance physical fitness, and do more outdoor activities. Walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, tai chi can enhance the body resistance, do not forget the sports drink of water to add moisture. To develop the habit of cold water wash, to help improve the body's ability to adapt to temperature change.

     To the cold season, the home should be standing a commonly used drug for the prevention and treatment of colds, such as vitamin C, because the vitamin the body can not replenish, will lead to decreased resistance to get a cold. In addition, Xiong Ju supernatant particles of a class of proprietary Chinese medicine, they Qingrejiedu, the analgesic effect of scattered wind prevention and treatment of exogenous cause fever, migraine headaches, nasal congestion, toothache. Especially in the cold since the beginning of time taking the better result.

     In addition, the medication should also be a reasonable diet, improve nutrition. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially red food such as carrots, tomatoes and the like, are rich in beta-carotene can scavenge oxygen free radicals, enhance the vitality of macrophages, can help prevent influenza.

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