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Lin Chaoyang Shenyang Sports University graduates to help people do have a gym membership coach. Now he and several classmates business, investment of more than 100 million medium fitness club. In an emerging residential communities in Nujiang North Street since opening three years, has attracted about 1000 members. In accordance with this development trend, he felt that the cost recovery day is not far. He in the end how to invest?


  Recalled his first venture, Kobayashi filled with emotion. "The first single-handedly out of hard work, during which the difficulties encountered in a long story." Kobayashi recalled, looking for a shop during the day, he and two students riding a bicycle street; night, holding a map Circle The ring bit. He believes that the general downtown area has a large fitness hall, small gym to pay attention to find the air when the family fitness and bodybuilding City, including the location, fees, fitness programs and so take into account, so that only the business at all. Site, for example, as far as possible away from the Fitness Center has become the size of, preferably close to densely populated residential areas, or near large industrial and mining enterprises; fees, must be larger Fitness Center, can learn from the beauty industry monthly card practices, stable source, a small broad.

  After a period of preparation, where his fitness will be a new community on the Nujiang North Street opened an area of ​​about 600 square meters. Rely on personal connections forged when the coach, the club where almost all the fitness equipment wholesale from which to a certain extent, saving a small fortune for his expenses.

  According to reports, the Kobayashi investment in the gym is a typical medium-sized community-based gym, usually a common gym in about 1000 m2 to 1500 m2, you need to select one of the following equipment: 10 multi-purpose treadmill, 20 single-function treadmill 20 Bike, 20 units of massage chairs, 20 sets of abdominal machines 80 dumbbell rack, plus some small equipment. A gym of about 200 people at the same time exercise. Each exercise two hours per person per day according to the standard of 30 yuan per person fee, and every day to close at 1,200 yuan each year in accordance with operating 300 days calculation, the gross income of 360,000 yuan, remove the artificial costs about 60,000 yuan. annual net profit of around 300,000. 1 million investment is expected to be able to recover about three years. He disclosed that the investment the gym earnings or small.

  He reminded, however, ready to join friends in this line to the gym as business projects, it is best to try to save on the decoration, the scale is not too much. The gym regardless of their profit model or management model, the industry is also exploring other words, the market is still some chaos, investors have to cautious.

  Order to avoid risks, to ease the financial pressure, it is best for their own situation, to take account of the investment program, generally there are three options:

  (1) own funds independent investment

  Funded and has experienced investors in the operation of the club project, of course, can be considered an independent investment. Independent investment advantage of what to do, what to do, you can achieve the unity of will and pace, different investment judgment and business concept to avoid disputes between different investors, better play to the efficiency of investment.

  (2) Borrowing

  After careful argument, and risk assessment basis, timely select financial loans to address the funding needs, and enhance the financial viability and to complete projects or support the normal operation of the project. Such financial borrowings, including bank loans, including loans to other businesses or individuals.

  (3) portfolio

  The portfolio is an investment club creation process is often used in portfolio name suggests, is more than one investor to participate in the investment in the convention will share the benefits in the future at the same time, also agreed to the risk-sharing.

  Currently, Kobayashi used the third - the portfolio, he and two students each come up with 30 million, collected $ 1 million, opened this gym, financial risk is much lower.

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