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Objective To describe the patients with pressure sores home primary caregivers to take care of the behavior and its influencing factors, the use of convenience sampling method to select the 146 II ~ IV of pressure ulcers in patients at home primary caregivers, the use of pressure ulcer care behavior questionnaire, to take care of pressure ulcers identified known questionnaire, the general self-efficacy scale results take care of the behavior questionnaire scores from low to high were emancipated behavior, wound care, nutritional support, skin care; the impact of home primary caregivers to take care of the behavior factors caregiver perception to the seriousness of the pressure sores, take care of general self-efficacy, caregivers perceived susceptibility to pressure sores, six, to take care of 37.5% of the total variance explained by the conclusion pressure sore patients at home and primary caregivers to take care of behavior deficiencies and errors should enhance its susceptibility to recognition of the severity of pressure ulcers, improve self-efficacy, thereby improving their care behaviors to promote the rehabilitation of patients with pressure sores.

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