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Published in today's Hong Kong "Select" magazine, published a survey of private residential care homes fees report. The report said that although Hong Kong's private residential care homes fees and services vary widely, in particular the transparency of their charges vary, but it can ensure that recipients of government CSSA elderly, but also have the ability to stay at his home.
Hong Kong Consumer Council in February this year, the 571 licensed private residential care homes issued a questionnaire to collect their monthly fee, fees, deposits, monthly fee refund procedures and residents to make payments arrangement of information. Survey A total of 185 homes Reply to a response rate of 32.4%.
The survey found that the fees and services of the private homes are very different; provide more service options, but confusing; less transparent part of the residential fees.
In accordance with the Residential Care Homes (Elderly Persons) Regulation, residential care homes for the elderly in accordance with the doctor assessed health status is divided into three categories of persons, residential care homes in accordance with the health status of elderly people and their change, identify and adjust its take care of the standard level and the corresponding care costs.
These three categories of persons, a high degree of care of the person (care), moderate to take care of people (half nursing) and the low degree of care of persons (self).
According to the survey, Hong Kong's private residential care homes charge ward care per bed monthly fee of between HK $ 3500-10000 monthly fee of half of care between 3000-6500 HK $ take care of themselves the monthly fee of HK $ 2000-6000. Double rooms of the monthly fee of between HK $ 3000-18700; single room monthly fee of HK $ 3000-24750.
Select a table published by the elderly in Hong Kong from the government to apply for the CSSA to the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) + higher disability payments from the normal disability payment of HK $ 1,100 20 5,000 100 HK $ 35 range, means that most of the elderly do not have to pay anything to admission to residential care.
In fact, the survey received a reply, said that the so-called monthly fee includes accommodation (rent), meals, and living a care fee (basic care fee). Of course, individual homes will be a separate charge for therapeutic exercise, training, social events or recreational activities costs (such as birthday parties, outings, etc.), and commodity costs; However, there are homes, said the monthly fee is above item "full package" , and even clean sheets, barber, and other services; homes claimed in charge inmates CSSA payment in full, plus miscellaneous charges, but referred to the Social Welfare Department Elderly welfare needs, and social workers to specific Charity Fund for related costs.
It is noteworthy that most homes usually inmates a month's notice to retirement living matter, such as the mid-retirement living, 60% of the homes that can not be refunded the monthly fee, but the month monthly fee on behalf of notice; such as residents need to retain the hospital for one month or more, 51 percent of the homes said, will not refund the monthly fee will only be refunded pro rata part of the meals and incidentals; death, such as residents, half of the homes will not be refunded the monthly fee has been paid; gold survey, residential provisions in the refund according to the different method of calculation complex. Hong Kong Consumer Council, said that consumer disputes often appear in these aspects.
Such as the Consumer Council accepted the case, a Chow to arrange his father to stay at a residential care homes, paying the monthly fee equal to one month month monthly fee. His father, admission to residential care one month after deteriorating health, was admitted to hospital and died two days later. Retirement living homes for the elderly, but not one month in advance notice, shall not be refunded the deposit, causing consumer disputes.
The survey for the Consumer Council, Hong Kong Social Welfare Department today responded that private care homes, commercial business, the fee determined in accordance with the laws of free market on their own, and other commercial business industry is no different. Although the level of fees charged in private care homes and the project is not regulated by the SWD's Licensing Office, but LORCHE still require residential care homes, fee information and the principle of reasonable and feasible to maintain a high transparency.

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