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According to reports, the BBC received the nurse Brian informant, said Bristol a modern private care homes in Winterbourne View "of suspected abuse of residents, reporter Casey then posing as care workers to enter the weekly charge of £ 3500 senior care homes investigation into the incident. After five weeks, Casey captured segment of the gruesome abuse fragment.
To force the inmates jumped to suicide head Saimaa barrel
Reported that nursing homes responsible for the care with learning disabilities, autism, mental illness and personality disorder inmates. Nursing homes have not installed closed circuit television, can not be the visitors to enter a "paradise" of the abuser.
A claim to be nurses in charge of Wayne has forced an inmates attempt suicide jumping through the window, Wayne said more to her, "continue to try to jump".
Other mentally retarded inmates Simon, was no reason from time to time slapping, care workers threatened to head down the toilet.
There is a 18-year-old inmates suffering from genetic diseases Simone, from time to time sat on the floor and refused to move, everyone tuned object. Graham, care workers, kneeling in her lap, the latter pain to scream, but to deaf ears; Wayne once made a pot of cold water poured directly to Simone, the latter shouting "call the police to arrest you, Wayne referred to as "the police do not care". Graham and another female care workers at night continues to abuse Simone to her after pouring cold water, then turns on the fan, so that Simone was freezing. All from time to time, she punched and kicked, pulled their hair.
Operators had themselves for the best employer
Nurses in nursing homes Brian have been aware of these sadistic evil, the Castlebeck times to the operators of nursing homes, and even the quality of care committee of national regulators sent a letter, but did not get accepted, only to contact the media, the BBC. To complete the task, the BBC reporter Casey repeatedly held back the idea of ​​helping inmates forced to "stand by". The event was discovered, the agency president, Reed was "ashamed" nursing evil. Ironically, the Castlebeck had won the nursing profession 2010 100 Best Employers Award ".

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