Virtual host is using special software and hardware technology, a real physical host computer to split into multiple logical storage unit, each unit there is no physical entity, but each logical storage unit can be the same as the real physical host on the network, with the single domain name, IP address (or a shared IP address) as well as a complete Internet server functions.
The key technology of the virtual host, even in the same hardware, with an operating system running a different server for multiple users to open the program, without disturbing each other. And individual users have as part of system resources (IP address, the document storage space, memory, CPU time). Completely independent of the virtual host, exactly the same as the outside, the performance of each virtual host and a single host. So this was the logical host of the virtualization is called a "virtual host".
The emergence of the virtual host, Internet technology is a major contribution to the gospel of the majority of Internet users. Multiple virtual hosts to share the resources of a real host, each user to bear the cost of hardware and network maintenance costs, the cost of communication lines are significantly reduced, the Internet has truly become affordable for everyone to network. Now, almost all U.S. companies (including some families) are on the network set up your own WEB server, including a considerable part is used in a virtual host.
Different virtual hosts on a single server is independent, self-management by the user. A server host can only support a certain number of virtual hosts, when more than this number, the user will feel a sharp decline in performance.
Virtual mainframe technology used by the Internet server technology to save the cost of server hardware, virtual mainframe technology is mainly used in the HTTP service, a server, one or all of the services logic is divided into a number of service units, the external performance of multiple servers, in order to take full advantage of the server hardware resources. If the classification is a system level, is called the virtual server.
Virtual host technically Union hundred million units of computer, computer regardless of what model the operating system to run, what software to use, can be attributed to two main categories: client and server.
The client machine to access the information of others. Through the post office or other ISP dial-up, the computer was temporarily assigned an IP address, to take advantage of this temporary ID card, access to information in the ocean of the Internet, the network after disconnecting the computer from the Internet, the IP address was recovered.
Server is to provide information for others to access the machine, usually referred to as the host. People at any time have access to it, so the host must at all times connected to the Internet has its own permanent IP address. Not only to set up a dedicated computer hardware, but also hire expensive dedicated data lines, plus various maintenance costs such as rent, labor, electricity, etc., is not good to bear. To this end, developed a virtual mainframe technology.

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