what is a care the home
Nursing homes Nursing Home
Is referring to by health care professionals, nursing homes, within a certain range for the bedridden elderly patients, the disabled, terminally ill, terminally ill with advanced and other health care needs of elderly patients to provide basic nursing care, specialist care, supportive care based on medical advice palliative care, hospice care, disinfection and isolation of technical guidance, community aged care, nutritional guidance, psychological counseling, health education and other i elderly health care services in medical institutions.
The concept of elderly care services can be traced back to the British in the late 1960s. The original aged care services in terms of the relative hospital, nursing homes institutions as nursing homes, also known as rest homes or Hospice, in the 1960s, the British entered the aging society, there are more than half of medical expenses and hospital beds are occupied by the elderly. In July 1967, the United Kingdom, Dr. Sanders for the first time in the south-east of the Hidden Han founded the Hospital of Saint - Christopher began dying patients to provide comprehensive professional services. Dr. Sanders called "lit the global hospice torch, saint, Saint - Christopher Hospital as a model for hospice organizations around the world.

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