what is a residential care the home
St. Francis of each residential care homes
Elderly residential care homes
St Francis of Assisi homes for the elderly in 1965, established the predecessor is a foundling, by CANOSSA Renai Sisters founder, was the adoption of abandoned babies in 1907, in order to take care of their old age, it is the centers also carry out services for the elderly, to stay for the elderly increase, lack of local government to subsidize the conversion of the establishment of the homes for the elderly.
Hospital by the Caritas Centre to take over from the 1988 to be responsible for the administrative and financial management of hospital, and the nuns continue to assist according to Guyuan You.
The hospital has a center for the elderly, organizing educational and recreational activities for the elderly. Addition, there are physical therapy exercise room, were the movement of healthy elderly and the symptoms of the elderly to provide treatment to enhance its function and health standards. Services include regular personal contact and concern for the residents, and counseling to solve the problem of life for the elderly, as well as provide proper physical and mental care for the elderly residents, so their old age.

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