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On health:
Modern society, everyone in the pursuit of health, first of all we have to know what is the pursuit of health? We past the traditional view of health is disease-free ie, health, and to modern human health has been an accurate definition of both the physical health, mental health, social (community) health, mental and emotional health.
Then, these five elements one by one to parse:
1, physical health: refers to the successful completion of daily life and work, there is no disease and severe disability, with good health behavior and habits.
2, Mental Health: there is a sublime faith, believe that truth, I believe that nature, I believe that science; the pursuit of the value of life and the meaning of life, the pursuit of quality of life and fun, the pursuit of spiritual perfection and fulfilling.
    3, social health (Community Health): refers to the exchange and the ability to communicate with people, and have a good ability to adapt to the environment, social skills and good interpersonal skills, willing to help and care for others.
, Mental health: normal intelligence, with the thinking and cognitive skills, language and text to express their thinking, to describe different things to different people and things to make analysis and judgment.
, Emotional health: the ability to control their own emotions and maintain a psychological balance, according to different occasions, different objects appropriate emotional expression, emotional stability, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, self-knowledge.
Finally, we have a clear health of five interrelated elements of healthy development and changes:
1, the association - Good health is the main component of health, healthy body, healthy to talk about. But only good health, the poor in other areas can only be said to be a very mediocre way of life, can not achieve high quality of life. The health of five aspects can enhance each other, and other constraints.
2, the healthy development and changes into both positive and negative direction:
Positive health development: general health - good health - Health - highly perfect state
General health of the healthy development of the reverse: - sub-health - the mild form of the disease - severe disease - death
I hope that can help you by Nirvana Fitness health to positive development, because the reverse result of the development is quite terrible.

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