Singapore, USA and Japan the cheapest UK server rental
Ling congregation Technology and Telecom, China Netcom, two-lane, IDC multiple operators maintain a good partnership, with hundreds of core agents all over the country, and the same time, we have 10 several cooperation in the engine room in the provinces and cities nationwide.
British engine room server, the server is located in the engine room of Manchester, England, located in north-west England city center of the group, has more than 100G network bandwidth access is one of the fastest engine room of the UK, Europe and the United States speed connection faster. Exclude professional engineers on power and network problems, and equipped with a redundant system. Multiple Gigabit line, closed-circuit monitoring equipment, large flow, high cost.
Advantages: adequate, cost-effective high bandwidth
European servers only lease, current promotions: annual payment of only 10 months, sent two months.
British engine room server configuration:
British server type 1, CPU: Core Xeon Quad Core X3220 Memory: Kingston 2GB, IP number: 13, flow rate: 100M unlimited
The British server type 2 CPU: 8-core Xeon E5472, RAM: Kingston 4GB ECC FBD, IP number: 13, flow rate: 100M unlimited

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