Solitary rain Network's Easy domain name network free host.
In fact, before there are friends, but do not very good.
The re-engage people Come and play!
Not surprised this theme that you saw, I'm good at fine imitation, ha!

1) need to be linked to the agent application. The registration page to address their own free VPN tinker go.
2) FTP password used for the first modify the default password What I do not know, 囧
3) If possible, make good use of the SSH console and file manager to install the program, backup, and so on, SSH is actually the linux command line
     Played naturally know, the background SSH console support instruction is not much, but certainly good enough.
     Make good use of of Wget, Tar instruction and File Manager, you will find out that no maintenance is very simple.
4) free stuff you know, often backed up.
5) ventilation is also normal, but it will not be deleted, as long as you do not do bad things.

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