4 health dog food
Feed dogs to eat snacks Notes:
To control the total dog snacks: We all know that can not give the dog ate too many snacks, snacks will certainly affect the dog's dinner, so when we feed the dog snacks are usually only give a two children meat, a few vegetable sticks, a few slices of cheese slices, these few, and then mother to feed two, and my father to feed two, grandfather to feed two, grandmother to feed two, the result is a dog the day, eat a bunch of garbage on the non-meal things. This is very important for large families, the best unified on the issue of dog snacks. For example, the amount of the day stood alone, we all take from the little bowl and the like, control the amount of dog eat snacks, so as not to affect the meals.
2, not to snack instead of dinner: If you think the dog anyway, ate a lot of snacks, belly full by the do not have the dog to eat dinner a, you'd be wrong. Eat the one hand, there is no hunger, more importantly, adequate intake of nutrition. The dog food is a mixture of many, many substances, and some nutrients special add snacks Either way, the nutrient content is relatively simple. Have a concept in your mind, snacks instead of the best meals of the dinner, the dog is dog food.
Do not let the dog the habit of every day snack: the dog is a very stubborn animal, a thing formed a habit, dogs think this is a well-deserved things to snack as daily gave the dog eat dog do not think that snacking is a reward, when you think of as a tool for training and recognition through the snacks, it will effect the.
A variety of snacks with to eat dog: dog snacks is some function, such as hard to remove tartar, more difficult to bite the dog to relieve boredom children pass the time, there are the snacks frozen, the dog in the dogs tusk period to eliminate pain, meat, meat, of course, to the dogs to satisfy their craving, and so on. A variety of snacks with the dog eat dog fresh, involved in nutrition and more diverse.

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