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Constantly improve and perfect the market economic system, the government functions of the society is the irresistible historical trend, the powers exercised by government departments have a significant part transferred to social organizations, including consumer organizations, industry associations. The exercise of the powers of industry associations and community organizations in this process is neither a public authority of the government, nor is it the private power of ordinary people, but a social right. The development and improvement of the social rights for the construction of harmonious society is significant. China Consumer Association, the China Health Care Association as the "buyer" and "seller" of the two Societies Organization, through social consultation, social dialogue, social partnership agreement and then organize the enterprises signed, stable social relations, to achieve a win-win situation, share the goal of social governance . I consider this not only for the consumers of health food is a boon for the construction and improvement of the social organizations should learn from.
In the initiative - for businesses to reduce legal risk and reduce moral hazard, but also reduces the market risk. Once baked, the false propaganda of the concept of speculation the injury is not just a business, but a large enterprise. Some propolis said this function, that function, and an inappropriate publicity to sell propolis companies are followed by bad luck. Market risk is often attached to the moral hazard, moral hazard is often attached to the mutual interaction of the legal risk, three risk mutual loop itself is the operating costs of enterprises. I do not know whether entrepreneurs consider the cost when taking into account the cost of these promises. In the initiative - help to reduce the cost of rights of consumers, as long as consumers carefully read the "health food consumption guidelines, as well as sub-guidelines, Sun Guidelines, the great-grandson of the guidelines.
How expensive in the initiative? The first three: First, the first in the legislation is the first in the government's law enforcement and the third is the first consumer complaints. Health food companies in supporting laws and regulations of the Food Security Act before the introduction of self-pressurized, the introduction of some higher social responsibility commitment than required by law, first in the Standing Committee, the first legislation to pre-empt more As early as the more active. Industry Association to provide guidance for future lawmakers, industry associations is a truly wise Association, a respected association, an association with forward-looking.
food for bone health
    Bones "support": calcium. Bones like calcium warehouse, 99% of the body of calcium (calcium foods) are stored in the bones, the bones to maintain a certain strength and hardness. Beijing Wangjing Hospital Bone and Joint MD, director of told Zhang America, "Life Times" reporter, human bones are "live", and insufficient calcium intake, calcium in the bones will be released into the blood, in order to maintain the serum calcium concentration. leading to increasingly low bone mineral density, bone more and more loose, and thus lead to fractures, bone degenerative hyperplasia or children (baby food) rickets.
    Someone has to statistics, in the ordinary meals of the day, an average of only 250-350 mg of calcium intake falls far short of recommended daily 800-1000 mg calcium intake with the Chinese Nutrition Society. Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Department of Nutrition Professor Cai Meiqin pointed out that the young man should eat more calcium-rich food in order for the bones savings sufficient calcium. Under normal circumstances, eat milk, soy, seaweed, shrimp, etc., will be able to meet the needs of normal calcium. Can put a little vinegar in the cooking, help calcium dissolve and to help absorption. Like fat meat, fat foods such as fried foods, and eat salty, pay special attention to calcium, fat and salt, oil (oil products) will inhibit the absorption of calcium.
    Bone "filling station": vitamins (vitamin food). It can promote intestinal calcium absorption, reducing renal calcium excretion, like gas stations, a steady stream of calcium supplementation to the bone. If the lack of dimension D hardness of the bones will reduce the formation of "osteomalacia". Young children (baby food) is often the skull, thoracic hypoplasia, easily bent; pregnant women (pregnant women, food), the elderly, lower extremities, pelvis, etc. bone strength will diminish.
    90% of the human dimension D to rely on the sun's ultraviolet radiation and synthesis of their own skin; the remaining 10% of food intake, such as mushrooms, seafood, animal liver, egg yolk and lean meat. Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Nutrition and director of the Institute of Food Safety, Nutrition Evaluation Room Yang Yuexin fill dimension D is safe, effective and economical method is the sun. U.S. researchers suggested that the weather is fine, within two hours around midday every day, no sunscreen, exposure to the skin for more than 40 percent of the sun for 5-15 minutes is sufficient. Reach, separated by a glass exposure to the sun for the office for many years in the office who make up the effect of dimension D, the best holidays to outdoor sports (sports foods).
    Bone "concrete": protein. Bone, 22% of the ingredients are proteins, mainly collagen (collagen food). With protein, human bones to like concrete, hard but not brittle, ductile, and can withstand the impact of external forces. Amino acids in the protein (amino acid food) and peptides conducive to calcium absorption. If the long-term protein (protein food) intake is inadequate, lagging behind not only the people of the new bone formation, but also easily lead to osteoporosis. Studies have found that do not like meat, soy products, long-term lack of protein, prone to hip fractures.
foods for colon health
What is dietary fiber?
Dietary fiber is a carbohydrate, is the food can not be digested by the body part. In fact, the non-principal fiber nutrition, calorie-free because it does not contain any vitamins or minerals. However, it helps the waste excreted. Dietary fiber is divided into two types: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is a viscous form colloidal soluble in water, fiber, including pectin, gums, and viscose. The insoluble fiber is not soluble in fruits, including the plant fiber material and composition of plant cell wall lignin. The two fibers are important to the health of the body.
Ispaghula shell will contain both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.
Why is dietary fiber important?
· Soluble fiber can promote colon health
It can clean the colon and helps the body rid itself of harmful substances due to improper diet. It helps the natural hemorrhoids, lower cholesterol and prevent deterioration.
· Non-soluble fiber helps the intestinal peristalsis
It increases the volume of stool, to accelerate the operation of the excreta in the large intestine.
Lack of dietary fiber is the main cause of digestive disorders, is also recognized as the main reason that make up the colon.
Ispaghula shell
Studies have shown the Ispaghula shell containing a large number of soluble and insoluble fiber, is one of the main source of natural fiber. It contains 30% viscose, water swells the volume increase, intestinal waste so swollen up. Colon by stimulation and lubrication, able to open defecation, the colon can maintain the health of the natural.
Completely the advantages of colon health
Completely colon care from the highest quality Ispaghula shell is made with a high composition of natural soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, no additives. It can promote peristalsis of the colon and soften the excrement, excrement through the colon faster, avoid harmful substances remain in the colon, thus maintaining the natural health of the colon.
■ complement the absorption of dietary fiber rather than noise is not cold
■ made ​​from pure natural high-quality fiber, no additives
■ vegetarian edible
■ No chemical laxative ingredients, not dependent
■ enhanced intestinal excretion, to promote natural bowel movement smooth
foods for gallbladder health
Cholecystitis can not eat any food, cholecystitis had started to worry about this problem seems to be some late. A lot of cholecystitis is because diets do not pay attention only had the disease, showing cholecystitis formation and diet are closely related. So how better treatment of cholecystitis? First thing to note cholecystitis can not eat, for cholecystitis is concerned, the diet is very important.
Cholecystitis can not eat anything, first of all the greasy food control: high-fat diet can cause gallbladder, gallbladder stones more easily incarcerated. Must strictly control the consumption of animal brains, offal, egg yolk, salted duck eggs, egg, squid, sardines, Crab and other foods with high cholesterol, and fat, lard, high animal fat diet. With high fat content of nuts have to eat, such as peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, etc.. Dietary fat should be divided among all meals, not concentrated in one meal.
Patients can drink lots of water to help excrete: Every day should ensure that the water intake to 1500-2000 ml {approximately 7-8 cups) to dilute the bile. Drinking water to drinking water as well, also the right amount to eat some rice soup, gruel, arrowroot flour, soy milk and other light drinks and food in order to reduce the viscosity of bile, promoting bile secretion and smooth excretion. Particular attention to drink strong coffee, tea, and sugary drinks.
Cholecystitis can not eat? Can not eat excessive sweets: excessive intake of sugar, increase insulin secretion, accelerate the accumulation of cholesterol, resulting in the imbalance between biliary cholesterol, bile acid, lecithin three. Also, too much sugar but also their own conversion to fat, promote body fat, thereby causing an increase in cholesterol secretion to promote the occurrence of gallstones. Sweet tooth must be careful not to overdose.
Cholecystitis can not eat what the problem is critical, but the diet contribute to good health, the treatment is also very important. Systolic function of the gallbladder can effectively digest, great help to the body, so the treatment of cholecystitis or to not to hurt the gallbladder to the main, so in addition to regular professional hospital for appropriate medical or surgical treatment, diet taboos, the patient is important to understand and pay attention to and actively cooperate with the doctors to do their daily nursing care.
health food unlimited
With the continuous improvement of the domestic economic and cultural levels, the public for their own health is also increasingly concerned about the growing sense of self-care, more and more scientific and rational, and unlimited growth opportunities for our health care industry. The best dermatology hospital in Beijing
Health food industry in China is mainly formed by the junior market: 1. Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, the medicinal plant-based products; the theory of nutrition, based on various types of nutrients nutritional supplements for resources; biology, theoretical basis, the products generated by the biotransformation. About 560 billion yuan annual output value of China's health industry, manufacturers of about 1700, about 25,000 sales enterprise, dermatology sales volume reached 90 billion yuan. 2011 annual sales of over one hundred billion without. As of the end of 2011, China has approved a health food 11862, 11197, which made imports 665. The output value exceeding 300 billion yuan.
The origins of health food has a long tradition of health, after thousands of years of development, China has accumulated a wealth of experience in health care, and health culture with Chinese characteristics, and provides an important theoretical basis for China's health food products developed. But the development of China's health food industry is not easy, at present, the development of the health food industry is facing the following problems: 1. Health food inadequate laws and regulations. The lack of legal basis for the "health food supervision and management regulations have not yet introduced to combat the illegal production and sales industry, affecting the operation and supervision of the implementation of health food production; prohibited items when the situation is illegal to add. Some manufacturers in order to highlight some of the products of special effects, without authorization to add the prohibited items, and how the prevention of skin diseases pose a threat to the health of consumers. Such as illegally added to growth hormone in promoting growth and development of products; illegal operation of the health food of repeated. The lure of the interests of some dealers theft or fraudulent use of the signs of health food, ordinary food as health food sales promotion. Seriously disrupting the order of the health food market; health food false hype is serious. For profiteering through advertising media, the health food production enterprises wantonly exaggerated the effect, arbitrarily increase the health care function, extended to the crowd, to mislead consumers.
Health health for the people of the world has become increasingly important with the growing number of the consumer population, the health food market has great potential. The same time, consumer demand for diversity and pluralism, will promote market segments gradually established and perfected.
holistic health extension dog food
Beneficial to pet food
In line with the survey the health of the pet food, "Sunday Times" also held a food tasting experiment, analysis of fast foods and pet food nutrition gap. Experiments to compare the 30 kinds of human food and 15 kinds of pet food concluded that the most unhealthy food is Kentucky fried chicken pieces, containing 23.2 grams of fat and 1.9 grams of salt per 100 grams of chicken nuggets. In addition, McDonald's Big Mac hamburger is not healthy. Per 100 g Big Mac in the fat content of 10.7 g.
Currently, many multinational food companies in the production of food for human production of pet food. EU law stipulates that contains all the ingredients in pet food must comply with human food production standards.
"People eat cat food and dog food, which no human harm. However, pet food may taste you imagine a little bit different, but the nutrition is quite good." Said scientists Sale.
health food market
At present, the name of a number of health food and food on the domestic market under the banner of "anti-cancer, anti-cancer" to attract consumers.
"No, impossible, so-called anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine, tonic is a lie." Recently, in the face of many of the media, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Sun Yan gives the answer. Sun Yan, Chinese medicine can only improve the patient's immune function, and not a substitute for modern cancer drug. The tonic replace modern formal tumor drugs is impossible. "I am very love of Chinese medicine, but medicine is its nature and role, not just an alternative." Sun Yan explained that a variety of health care products, although there is a certain effect, also known as functional foods , but not "efficacy".
Deputy Secretary-General of the Nutrition Society of Guangdong Province, Professor Zhu Huilian said, in our health care function norms, there is no "anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, the Food and Nutrition Labeling specification, is also clear that" no marked disease prevention claimed ". In this regard, the outcry, the current confusion in the health food industry competition, a lot of features publicity are suspected of misleading the consumer, China's relevant departments should step up supervision of the health care industry, regulate the market.
"Cancer" health care is still in the sale of
While the state clearly defined health care products may not claim that the so-called therapeutic efficacy, the experts also pointed out that the "cancer" health care products do not fly, but the reporter found that some businesses still in the sale of so-called "cancer" the efficacy of health products.
Taitung a well-known pharmacy, spirulina tablets, when a reporter asked when there is no class of the cancer health care products, the sales staff immediately to reporters Tomson times and Qingdao, the local production of a "gold Kin Lai spirulina tablets. When reporters questioned the efficacy of this type of health care products, the eldest sister immediately told reporters that "the cancer of her loved ones, eating Tomson times spirulina tablets, the effect is very good, very effective". See the meaning of the reporters did not buy, and she immediately recommended Youxiang reporter "the Jinjian Lay spirulina tablets, and took out the gold Jian Lai Spirulina leaflet refers to reporters. Gold Jian Lai spirulina of color pages, the reporter saw the the Spirulina obtained numerous awards, including the United States National Institute recognized as an 'anti-cancer, anti-cancer' drug, "and other words.
In addition a well-known pharmacy in Taitung, the counter staff of health care products is also recommended to a reporter Wuhan production called "Jupiter more than multi-life liquid products. This product is priced at 1200 yuan, very clearly on the product packaging printed with cancer, and inhibition of tumor description. Staff told reporters: "There is a child with cancer is to use this drug, the effect is very good." Said come up with a "propaganda tabloid reporters to see. Throughout the magical effect of the "Jupiter life fluid" in the tabloid report, called "Jupiter Code Health.
Reporter visited several well-known pharmacies, have so-called "cancer" health care products for sale. In addition, except as Jupiter more than life fluid "special" cancer "health care, the staff usually will recommend the so-called" anti-cancer properties of the mass goods such as Ganoderma lucidum spore powder, did not forget to come up with relevant publicity materials to the consumer to see.
kidney health findsthat
My mother has kidney, I want to give my mother to buy kidney tonic, her hard life, as soon as possible to get rid of kidney, I do not know the woman kidney to eat what supplements women kidney to eat what health care products?
Hello, I really rare you are a child of filial piety. Woman kidney is very urgent, but the kidney is best not to eat supplements or health products, health care products make nutritional imbalances in the body, leading to more serious women kidney.
I personally feel that women kidney should be simple, not too complicated, or difficult to maintain. What sport kidney, eat kidney drugs are not suitable for our mother.
I had kidney, is to find the easiest way is to insist every day to drink tea, drink Kampo daughter tea, this tea is the fastest way to woman kidney, because the tea is relatively simple, and everyone can do so more able to insist that the best choice for women kidney, other kidney, such as sports, eat kidney medicine, and kidney of the woman not fly.
food health safety
2012 International Food Safety Forum on April 19, Health Minister Chen Zhu pointed out that since the implementation of the Food Security Act, the Ministry of Health take the responsibility of the national standards for food safety and risk monitoring and evaluation and other tasks. Up to now, announced integration of clean-up, China has developed the national standards of safety of dairy, food additive safety 185, and gradually establish a national coverage of food safety risk monitoring system.
    Chen Zhu said the health sector has also strengthened the standard propaganda interpretation and to clear up doubts, presented to the public knowledge of food safety standards and revision of a number of ways. "12th Five-Year" period, the Ministry of Health will further improve the standard operating procedures to improve the public transparency of standard-setting work, and a sound system of mechanisms for public participation in standards work. Will also continue to expand the coverage of food safety risk monitoring, establish and improve the coverage of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), city and county and extended to rural areas of risk monitoring system, focusing on standards development are closely related to risk assessment, strengthening risk communication and early warning.
    According to the comprehensive coordination of the Ministry of Health, Food Safety and Health Supervision Bureau in charge of the person, the Ministry of Health in 2012-2013, a comprehensive clean-dispersed in 15 departments, more than 5000 standard, which related to food safety, mandatory elements extracted integrated into national food safety standards.
    The forum organized by the International Union of Food Science and Technology and Food Science and Technology Institute, National Food Safety Commission Office of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments attended.

best foods for Heart health
First, rice soup
Rice soup is the heart patients should trust drink. Take four times the amount of water cooked rice, rice and water, soaked overnight before cooking. After cooking, the rice filtered, kept in the refrigerator all day sipping. Eat rice soup to sip slowly, avoid pouring down like irrigation to the throat. In order to obtain the best effect, it is best to drink between meals, instead of taking a meal.
Because that use would stomach enzyme dilution, unfavorable digestion. System hot drinks can be sweetened, if one wants to taste better, but also add lemon juice.
Second, the wonderful bioflavonoids drinks
12 orange and 1 lemon, chopped his flesh and seeds into a blender, can be prepared too delicious natural drinks. Bioflavonoids contained in this drink is very rich. Bioflavonoids belong to the vitamin C group, the treatment of colds, anti-infective natural medicine, not only prevent but also to the treatment of systemic bleeding, acute articular rheumatism, and capillaries too small or too fragile and easy-to-abortion uterine disease, the treatment of heart disease is also One of the best drinks. Alternately taking it with rice soup. Patients with heart disease taking the bioflavonoids drinks not too much, especially in the case of taking alternating with rice soup.
Third, the watermelon
Watermelon is a beneficial beverage and food in the treatment of heart disease. Watermelon is a good diuretic, and no side effects. Watermelon cut into small pieces, like to eat fried rice flower into his mouth as a whole piece of every few minutes to eat a small piece. In addition, such as eating, inseparable from the drink, put a watermelon on the plate next to replace the weekdays, water or other drinks.
Fourth, sunflower seeds
Intake of 60 grams of sunflower seeds is the best meal protein meal. Before use, sunflower seeds must be cleaned and peeled. Dentures of elderly patients can be smashed to take. The sunflower seeds can also be added to the salad, then sprinkled with wheat germ oil, nutritional supplements for dinner. Pumpkin seeds can be used as a substitute for sunflower seeds, this food is particularly suitable for those suffering from prostatitis patients.