IDC Review of March 23: the growing popularity of the Internet, web hosting is becoming the focus of the mass of the IT industry enterprises. Virtual host, as well as its low cost has attracted a large number of providers on the market, thereby greatly reducing the cost of enterprise information, coverage is also wider. According to statistics, the global 80% of the corporate website using a virtual host, the reason is mostly because of the virtual host in the price more in line with the demand for enterprise built. Therefore, the virtual host price, specifications and features will become the major consideration factors of a number of the number of owners. Below, IDC reviewed network in accordance with the documentation, to recommend the five best overseas cheap virtual host. 
    1 JustHost 
    JustHost is a new foreign host, headquartered in the UK, Australia has an office, data center located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Although it is a new host, but in foreign countries is also relatively well received by customers. The JustHost host plans to provide free domain name, allowing you to use their own cPanel account to support e-commerce functions. JustHost also provide a variety of grade-specific host, and allows users to customize according to their needs. justhost be wordpress official identified as one of the most suitable for wordpress host, in short, the performance is good. 
    2 iPage Inc 
    Since 1998 iPage has been providing reliable and high-quality web hosting services is now set up over 1,000,000 websites. The iPage virtual hosting services to use 100% green wind energy, a first-class price, quality hosting solutions and excellent customer service. 
    3 FatCow 
    FatFatCow the birth of the Cow is a virtual hosting service providers in the United States, was founded in 1998. Fatcow host as a host to more than 10 years of operating history, with more than 99.9% of the average online time, stability is no doubt. 
    4 GreenGeeks 
   GreenGeeks green web hosting, its space in the country access speed is very fast, one of the few unlimited space, unlimited traffic reseller space. Also offers free domain name service, host unlimited domains and free Web Site Builder and other advantages of service. Is a good green host, shared web hosting service providers. 
    5 InMotion 
   InMotion Hosting sponsored work hard to provide reliable hosting solutions, fast and powerful. Very quickly from the country visit at any time, regardless of Netcom and Telecom, the download speed basically can reach more than 100 kB / s, a variety of functions are very stable, but basically no visibility.

No matter what kind of wire, the need for the user and the server's IP address to be resolved in order to select the line, IP address resolution technology, equipment and a sound and a large address database is very important - the principle of user visits a site the first DNS server to query the site's IP address, DNS server will judge whether the user is Telecom Internet network or the Internet? Telecom Internet return the IP address of the telecommunications; Netcom Internet to return the network IP address; so intelligent judgment, intelligent identification purposes. This analytical technique has a certain threshold, so each operator can be achieved only by adopting a two-lane host of intelligent DNS resolution before it can be said is true wire service.
A. Dual-card dual-IP-wire: some of the early engine room but off their own technology / equipment, can not realize in the engine room router switch, only one server two network cards, two cable access Telecom / Netcom, to do so will lead to random fluctuations of the server routing, and lead to faster or slower in the user access or can not access this actually be eliminated backward. Two. Single IP-wire: single-line single IP dual-line, this is a new routing technology, IP does not belong to any telecom operators, when resolved, automatically determine the visitor is the kind of line, so that the IP to go that line to meet the needs of each line. However, two-lane single IP service router level in the engine room in accordance with the subscriber line, switch Telecom / Netcom line, most of the dual-line engine room is to obtain an IP address from Telecom, China Netcom, there is no permission to switch lines, leading to impossible to reach the entire network quick goal, but part of the IP domain of the autonomy of the engine room, but can not get enough bandwidth from Telecom / Netcom user access speed is not ideal. 3. Smart two-lane single card dual IP: in this way is somewhat similar to the above, but due to binding 2 IP on a single card, so can obtain an IP address from Telecom / Netcom DNS server as a smart switch in order to avoid the weakness of a single IP lane, real quick access to the entire network. Online there are some operators using third-party ISP line to reach the two-lane effect, that is, non-telecom Netcom line, such as: Mobile, China Unicom. This line whether it is connected to the Telecom and China Netcom are very good speed, the effect is really two-lane, but after all, bandwidth limitations, the speed is very good small sites, large site on the die. Therefore, we selected, you can try the menu card dual-IP-wire or a third party ISP line, the effects were good.
Lane virtual host the actual server respectively, Telecom and China Netcom two line access to telecommunications users through intelligent analysis on the user's IP address, access to telecommunications lines, network users to access network line, so to achieve the purpose of the national fast access . Depending on the engine room access, two-lane service access partakers single IP access, single NIC IP access, and dual LAN IP total of three kinds of access methods, the best single-card dual-IP access provide a telecommunications IP and China Netcom IP. Two-wire, multi-line technical effect how the most critical issues are two, one is using the network card, IP mode, the intelligent analysis of users' IP addresses is stable and reliable.
DNS intelligent network load balancing analytical technology (DNS intelligent analytic), is to have two or more different regions and access mirror server of the Internet content information service provider (ICP) via DNS intelligent analytic techniques, their content visitors or users as possible to the same area or on the same network access to ISP or visits faster high-speed access to the services provided by a fundamental solution to reduce network congestion caused by site visitors or customers lost brought a variety of direct or indirect economic losses. Lane space, a space, two IP, you simply use a space can be achieved to complete the work of the two servers. Traditional CDN to accelerate static page acceleration, if your site has ASP program such as the Forum, the northern user access is also very slow. Lane space, a space two IP northern users with Netcom users of the South Telecommunications. Because the same space, whether it is asp program or normal web pages are the same, coupled with intelligent DNS automatically parsed and automatically determine the Netcom and Telecom customers, truly north-south interconnection. Traditional users of space to north and south almost: you need to the telecommunication buy space, China Netcom to buy a space, and also each update twice, user Posts in the telecommunications station Netcom station can not see fat Netcom station telecommunications station The north-south interconnection and can not really achieve.
But how to achieve a domain name telecommunications users access to telecommunications IP? Netcom users access to the network IP address? Before the general practice is to do a "telecommunications station" and "Netcom Station, telecommunications users and China Netcom users to choose according to their own internet use in the Home corresponding fastest line. But the actual majority of users browse the site simply ignores the "Telecommunications Station," Netcom Station this link, resulting in poor user experience. Smart two-lane host can solve this problem. Smart two-lane host domain name smart analysis system with the two-lane host. The principle is the first DNS server to query the IP address of this site users to access the site. The DNS server will judge whether the user is Telecom Internet network or the Internet? Telecom Internet Back to Telecom IP address is the network the Internet to return the network IP address. This intelligent judgment, intelligent identification purposes. The host of intelligent lane to avoid the manual switching process of two-lane host to each user of the website the fastest, most stable user access. It can be said is the real significance of the smart two-lane host on two-lane host, is considered completely solve the interoperability problem of Telecom and China Netcom.
The virtual host of the so-called two-lane, also known as a smart two-lane virtual host and intelligent two-wire web space, it is to solve the problem of domestic Southern and Northern Telecom and China Netcom users interoperability special launch smart wire hosting services. Smart lane virtual host refers to the same server also has two lines of the telecommunications network and Netcom network users visit the Web site to access telecommunication lines, and network users access the site access to the network line telecommunications user IP address by routing intelligence to judge, so as to achieve the South and the North the purpose of exchange of visits.
Low-cost, online information publishing publicity and functional advantages, but its costs low is unthinkable. Radio and television advertising in seconds, but the cost of hundreds of thousands of newspaper advertising is also expensive, beyond the endurance of most of the individual units. Online information to save newspapers print and radio and television stations expensive production costs, the cost is greatly reduced, so the vast majority of individual units to be able to withstand. Cover a wide range of traditional media, regardless of TV, newspapers, radio or light box posters across geographical constraints, only the impact on specific areas. Turnover probability is high for traditional media advertising, the audience is mostly passive acceptance, difficult to produce the effect. The form of lively, the use of multimedia technology, various forms of online information, maps, text, sound, such as the shape of the product, use, use, price, purchase method of information displayed directly in front of the user. With real-time, businesses can change the advertising content at any time according to market needs, flexible and convenient. More importantly, corporate and institutional users, which is currently the most money, convenient and practical way. The Internet is now the United hundred million units of computers, these computers regardless of whether they are what models, running the operating system, what software to use, can be attributed to two main categories: client and server. The client machine to access the information of others. When you pass the post office or other ISP's dial-up Internet, your computer is temporarily assigned an IP address, use the temporary ID card, you can obtain information in the Internet ocean, when you break, you computer out of the IP address of the Internet has also been recovered. Server is to provide information for others to access the machine, usually referred to as the host. People at any time have access to it, so the host must at all times connected to the Internet has its own permanent IP address. To this end not only have to set up a dedicated computer hardware have to hire expensive dedicated data lines, plus various maintenance costs such as rent, labor, electricity, etc., and never is a good bear. To this end, developed a virtual mainframe technology. Virtual host, a host can be divided into many "virtual" host, each virtual host has a separate domain name and IP address with a complete Internet server. Completely independent of the virtual host, exactly the same as the outside, each virtual host and a separate host. The same effect, but the cost is not the same. Multiple virtual hosts to share the resources of a real host, each virtual host the user to bear the cost of hardware and network maintenance costs, the cost of communication lines are significantly reduced, the Internet truly become a network that everyone can afford! Currently, many companies create a site using this method, so that not only saves the purchase of machinery and leased-line costs, but also do not have to worry about technical issues for the use and maintenance of the server, without hiring a dedicated management staff.
A load load than the amount of space, although the application of the virtual host multiple users sharing a stand-alone server, but users need to understand, in the end how many users share the same server resources to service providers. Because the only service provider to make a fair allocation of the share of resources between individual users can be assured that the actual interests of most users. If too many users sharing the server overload run, will inevitably reduce the stability of the server, reducing CPU processing capacity, difficulties in the program is running, allowing users to visit the Web site can not find the page can not be linked to the database, or even unable to access such serious failure. In general, the different types of services provided under the virtual host, few users of a server to share a few, should not be more than the limits of the hundreds of users. Some number of servers is not enough service providers to maximize the use of the hands of limited hardware resources, or even placed on a single server to thousands of users, the effect can be imagined. Therefore we want to have reasonable resources to protect the virtual service, you must pay attention to the strength of the service providers. If the service provider using the number of servers, the user load in the selected virtual hosting services "specific" commitments. It is best to choose the kind of large-scale multi-comparison web hosting service providers to do the partners. Second, the traffic flow is the number of user site may access, service providers the same principle of fair allocation of server resources, each user site traffic to be restricted, but the problem is that they limit the extent of If the limit value is too small it will greatly damage the interests of users, and can even think, if the flow value to a very small site storage space for useless, because it makes the user site browsing speed, especially slow. In general, as long as the services provided by a more adequate hardware resources would not be too restrictive to flow. And those who attempt to "full" use of limited hardware facilities can not provide a lot of traffic service providers, in order to be able to attract as many users as possible, it will take only add a hard drive without Additions server this sacrifice server stability consideration, the way the same type of hosting space capacity increase by tens of megabytes to flaunt its "large" advantage. Third, the number of links number of links that can accept applications in a flash and then open the web page access number, the size of the link value is directly related to virtual user on the host site login access level. If the link count limit too little, you can access the user site number is very limited user page will allow visitors to wait for too long, not normal circumstances, general indicators support the standard of the number of links will not The Xing limited. But some service providers can easily monitor user, forcing them to choose high price level virtual service type, but also rigid numerical division of the number of links, so need to pay special attention to the user to buy. Fourth, online rates take the construction site should always be to keep it running state to ensure that visitors can log on at any time. This was originally a matter of course requirements, foreign web hosting providers are generally user site uptime commitment. However, only a few service providers in the country a clear commitment to ensure line rate of the user site, the majority of service providers due to bandwidth, hardware capabilities and management capacity constraints, it is prone to downtime problems, it is not or is not willing to issue Open the "quantitative" guarantee. Five flexibility flexibility is whether the ISP can provide users with the economic, convenient service options. There are two points worthy of special attention to: first, whether the decision to increase the amount of web space capacity; another is the ability to use the same price to use a different operating system platforms. Because these two issues are directly related to the interests of users Once the user's site to the original amount of space close to saturation, the user must increase to configure the job. But the problem is that many service providers reap high benefits, generally does not allow users Shizhao twenty trillion increase a small amount of space, but only allows the increase in the standard of the Fast, disguised to force users to upgrade, which would allow users spend a lot of money to buy the wealthy resources of those who simply do not have access. Operating system could freely elect, and some users accustomed to using the unix platform, while others are good at website platform with windows nt, but some vendors based on the difference on such use of the same type of site service area is divided into price on the different grades. So before buying, but also to "shop around". The site features a lot of businesses just access to the Internet services provided by the site management interface is not so simple to use, the feature does not then complete, it is difficult to operate smoothly in the future use of the Site. So it should be noted, whether the ISP provides for the user of the website like the automatically generated page module, frontpage extensions, functions, and so can spare yourself the trouble to do complex operations.
First, the operating length of time the length of operating time is an important criterion of evaluation of a web hosting provider. Second, whether the room whether you have a reliable and stable, secure, high-speed engine room is another important criterion for the measure of a successful web hosting provider. Often this happens in the Internet industry: some companies do not have the engine room, not even the engine room, but they tend to price below market price promised to the user a variety of services. One can imagine, the lack of adequate hardware support, technical strength, these commitments often can only be impractical castles in the air. So be sure: even room locations are reluctant to tell customers the company must contain fraudulent web hosting provider, the majority of users to deal with such situations to maintain a high degree of vigilance. Three, lead to cost-effective low-cost high performance low-cost service providers to prevent the disappearance of excellent reputation, excellent quality, sincere service, the right price for a successful web hosting provider, not one less. Required to line the number of customer presentations address, and trial space, like the new sharing and other IDC service providers who offer a trial service. Fifth, do not be cheap to rent a certain customer base space to host. In general, the larger service providers due to its investment in hardware devices, network resources, security, human resources, business reputation, marketing, etc. are far more than ordinary service providers, so prices tend to be more high, However, the quality of service is more secure. , Service providers can best provide the mailbox, the FTP management capabilities. Seven, pay special attention to the fact that there are many swindlers home PC server, the ADSL access. The stability and speed of this space are very poor, remember to not be greedy little cheaper. Eight space virtual host space capacity is an important indicator in the assessment of the virtual host performance. Under normal circumstances, we must at the same time assessment following space size