Internet Data Center IDC is based on the INTERNET network, the base of operation and maintenance of facilities and provide related services to provide for centralized collection, storage, processing and sending data equipment. IDC's principal activities include hosting (seats, racks, VIP room rental), resource rent (such as virtual hosting business, data storage service) (the system configuration, system maintenance, data backup, troubleshooting, service), management services (such as bandwidth management, traffic analysis, load balancing, intrusion detection, vulnerability diagnosis), and other support to run the service.
IDC concept of a unified standard, but the concept can be understood as the public business of the Internet computer room, it is also an IT professional services, is the critical infrastructure of the IT industry. IDC is not only a service concept and the concept of a network, which constitutes part of the network infrastructure resources, like the backbone network, access network, provides a high-end data transmission (DataDelivery) services and high-speed access services .

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