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Bladder stones (urinary calculi) - This is the relatively new comprehensive foreign several literature compiled from the still relatively new, some say.
As an owner, the most important thing is early detection, and actively cooperate with the treatment and review.

Symptoms and diagnosis of bladder stones

Frequent urination, but each of the small amount of urination when the body is tense, the same position continued for a long time. There may be hematuria, loss of appetite and vomiting. Sometimes, a place not on weekdays normal urination is also a harbinger. But there are many cases have no symptoms. Less obvious cases by X-ray diagnosis. Transparent stones, you can use a dye (similar to the gastrointestinal tract barium meal). In this case illuminate the film can be seen around the white (dye), the middle black empty (calculus). Blood tests to check on the renal function is necessary.
A lot of stone animals do not show any symptoms, even if the stones have occupied 80% of the bladder space. But once the stones reach the ureter and urethra causing obstruction will cause a painful death, when only surgery can save the lives of animals.

The type of stones: struvite.

Stone formation process: first, precipitation of crystals, small crystals as the core increases, sometimes attached to a number of organic substances, and ultimately the formation of stones.

Causes of bladder stones

Sterile stones have the following causes: the mineral content of food, humidity, there is no law unreasonable or diet quality, diet plans, concentrated urine, bladder plot of urine.

Congenital: Persian, Pakistan in Beijing, sausage, Miniature Schnauzer, Dalmatian (spots), pug, bullfighting, Wales Corgi dog (Kadi root), Beagle, Basset Hound, Cocker dogs belonging to the varieties of this disease.

The bacterial infection: is a more important factor. Through two mechanism of the formation of stones:
A partial bladder environment alkaline (pH greater than 7); by-products of bacterial metabolism, stimulate the formation of stones.

Diet: high protein foods will lead to urea increased, urea is an important factor in the formation of stones. Pure meat food is not conducive to the health of the urinary system.

Other: gender (male cat prone to), age (young cats susceptible, but older cats prone to calcium oxalate stones), potty (do not go out the cat susceptible to only one potty), overweight and lazy.



The bladder incision is much simpler than a dam sterilization. Stone removal can also be washed with brine urethra, given antibiotics after surgery. Remove the stones take a laboratory component, in order to know the future treatment.
If the stones blocking the urethra, the preferred method is to make it back to the first bladder, if I can, also had blocked local surgery. If ureteral obstruction, surgery must be in the obstruction site. There are some attempts to use ultrasonic lithotripsy, but not widespread.


Can be used alone or with operative cooperation. Urine bacterial culture, the bacteria on antibiotic susceptibility testing and stones tests can be given further treatment recommendations. By changing the pH of urine, increased water consumption, inhibit urease activity and special food to change the metabolism of the animal and prevent further formation of stones.

Urine acidifiers

The most commonly used urine acidifiers vitamin C and methionine. Few some cases, urine alkalinization. You can use vinegar hydroxylamine acid inhibit urease activity produced by bacteria, can inhibit the decomposition of urease on urea in order to reduce the formation of stones.
Note: Do not use the prescription urine acidifiers and acidification of urine grain.

Dietary modification

The prescription food can make the stones dissolve and increase the water consumption of animals, in order to flush the bladder, but are generally 60-180 days to work. As the salt content and protein content, prescription food is not for heart failure and kidney disease in animals. Generally 60 to 150 later, you can change the prescription food the ordinary food of the protein less.
Salt therapy in the urine acidifiers and basal diet on the basis of several years of long-term treatment may need to be used in conjunction.


In practice, we advocate surgery, and then supplemented with the above several or all of the drug treatment. This can significantly reduce the clinical recurrence rate.
Things to note: 1 This is one of urinary stones, several other treatment methods vary, surgery is the same way; like human stones, once formed, it is easy to relapse, so even The treatment success should not be taken lightly. Regular urine tests, urine culture and X-ray examination is necessary.

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