best food for kidney health
    The food culture of the Chinese nation the world has long been respected and promoted. Our traditional diets to plant foods, whole grains and beans, the staple food, food, 70 percent of calories from the staple food grain and 67% protein. Non-staple food and more fresh natural food, rich in vegetables, while appropriate to eat some fruit, fungi, algae, plus a small amount of meat. International nutrition scholars think that this is the best diet to prevent the "diseases of civilization" trophic structure.
    Chinese medicine believes that the same seed, the greater the number the greater the energy, nourishing the stronger. All things in nature is independence thick grains, the grain in the corn the best. Corn, also known as millet, foxtail millet Valley. The millet spring harvest, heaven and earth in the most full gas, was the rustic most thick raised stomach, the spleen of the fruit, the most. Millet and sweet, salty, cool, sweet and yellow into the stomach through, salty taste, into the kidney. Their effectiveness: (1) and spleen and, cure indigestion, diarrhea, limb weakness embolism. The ② AIDS stomach Yin Qingxudong heat, cure stomach yin deficiency heat of thirsty can drink, Bulimia, and Diabetes. ③ the kidney sleep, hot and humid cause of the kidneys, urine dripping embolism. Millet bitter cold, with dysentery, the solution of the role of polydipsia.
    Millet gruel with a "rice oil" Yin and physical, for the treatment of loss of kidney yin. Chinese medicine believes that the rice and oil real hair orifices, most fat people, the Ziyin long force fluid fill fine the Ziyin of power is better than cultivated land.
    Millet grain full, full, fresh color is better, moldy, inedible. Millet seeds and almonds easy to eat with people vomiting and diarrhea, ferrite Deficiency, urine clear the elderly should not eat.
    Millet is a grain of the first, both to raise the birth of the - the spleen and stomach, and raising the day after tomorrow - kidney, for the health care to share. Millet as the mass eating of the goods, do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, organic millet diet. Special selection of the following six therapeutic side for everyone to choose.
    Millet and brown sugar 100 g porridge of millet, put in casserole, add water, porridge, plus the amount of brown sugar after eating cooked rice. For the benefit infirm or postpartum blood tune up.
    Millet and yam porridge jujube 100 g millet, yam 30 grams, jujube 5, 30 g of brown sugar, a total of porridge consumption. Spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood. For the treatment of spleen and stomach weakness, diarrhea and lack of blood physical benefit.
    The same amount of millet and yam paste millet and Huai yam, fried yellow, joint research to fine, plus boiled paste tune sugar consumption for children nursed back to health, or pediatric dyspepsia.
    50 grams astragalus porridge, millet millet, red dates 15, 15 grams of astragalus porridge, brown sugar, eaten in moderation. Indications postpartum Tixu.
    Millet 15 Pinellia soup, millet, g, 5 g of Pinellia water. Apply to the stomach and cause insomnia, generally sedative drugs ineffective.
    500 g of millet and sesame paste millet grinding, fried yellow sesame seeds 180 g fried yellow broken, each taking 30 grams of millet noodles, 10 grams of sesame seeds, sugar modest, 300 ml of boiled water transfer service, sooner or later 1.

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