Q: How important to eat organic food?

A: The reasons to eat organic food, even more than people know. First of all, organic food does not contain herbicides and pesticides. Average a year to eat fruits and vegetables sprayed with 34 liters of herbicides and pesticides. No one really understand what its consequences are, but it certainly is no good to its people.

Organic food than non-organic food grown with fertilizers containing more than 26% dry matter, contained less water. Chemicals in the fertilizer plant with the water. In other words, the two organic carrots can make you eat non-organic carrots you need three. Therefore, if the organic carrots is 20 percent more expensive, or value for money. More important is that the minerals contained in the organic agricultural 50% to 100%.

The most important organic food should eat cereals, because each non-organic cereals are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, like breakfast cereals and other food net residual is quite high. In addition, if you buy the food can be peeled (such as bananas), most of the chemicals on the skin, rather than in the meat, you can avoid these chemicals.

Q: so-called organic foods are all planted by the same standards? Can you believe that organic food sold in supermarkets?

The word: "organic" is actually a legal definition. Must verify that the sign of cultivation or production of organic agricultural products, such as "Soil Association" or "organic farmers and growers". EU products subject to the same stringent rules, constraints, and anyone who wants to import products from other regions must obtain a British license, so the first verification of local standards. Indeed, a small amount of feed used to feed animals to produce organic meat may be non-organic feed is now being phased out. Organic animal production but also consider the living conditions of animals, and not frequently used veterinary products.

Q: The value of organic food so much money?

A: Yes, and value. On scientific evidence published last year, made a most comprehensive review showed that compared with non-organic agricultural products, organic agricultural products containing pesticides residues, additives, less water, minerals, vitamin C, protective plant nutrients. If you want healthy, it is necessary to avoid undesirable material, it should be the intake of beneficial substances. Organic food is an important part of healthy diet. Eat healthy foods is not a luxury, the food is supposed to be so.

In the long run, to buy cheap goods proved often more expensive, the food is no exception. Although you save money, but may pay the cost of future health. Even the piece of organic crackers, Coke, ice cream, cakes, biscuits and other food itself is not a health food, but contain less additives, and not harmful substances like hydrogenated fats. Therefore, as long as the intake amount, compared with the same non-organic food, organic food is the better choice.

Q: What is a full nutritious food?

A: The whole nutritious food is not finishing the food. Wheat and rice and other food traditionally finishing as white flour and white rice, do so so that food does not susceptible to weevil against: the refining process in addition to the nutrition of insects need to survive, to save these foods longer. During the Industrial Revolution, before improving the transport system in refrigeration technology makes everyone eat fresh food is necessary, then need to provide food for urban workers.

Therefore, eating a lot of refined foods, will mean that you're eating the food can not sustain the life of the weevil What we really need is to eat whole nutrition food - beans, seeds, food, nuts and whole grains (such as oatmeal, whole wheat or whole rye bread or pasta). If you buy food picked up or harvest from the field inside the first state to approach it from a tree, it is basically nutritious food. If not, then the process of refining or processing may reduce the nutritional value of food in a way.

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