best foods for kidney health
Serious note: eat tofu too much can make kidney function decline
The tofu is soy beans, green beans, black beans as raw material, after soaking, grinding, filtering, boiling syrup, refinement, solidification and molding and other processing procedures most widely used, one of the most popular cooking raw. Protein content of tofu and tofu products, soy, and tofu protein is a complete protein, containing not only the eight essential amino acids the human body, and its proportion is close to human needs, nutrition high titer.

Tofu also contains fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. TCM theory holds that cold tofu sweet natured, Rupi, stomach, large intestine, with Qi and fluid moistening, heat and toxic effects, can be used to treat red eyes, thirst, solution of sulfur, shochu poison. Can tofu was good, eat and disadvantages, the excess will harm health.

Kinds of food is beneficial to the kidneys:
Gan Ping, the role of the liver and kidney, moisture five internal organs. Especially in the kidney of the backache legs, dizziness, tinnitus, hair dry the pleasure and the early years of white hair, stool dry guitar, the most Yi Shi.

Also known as millet, wheat sub. Can benefit kidney. "Doctors do not recorded" and "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" said "corn raises the kidney qi." Ming Li added: "Valley of millet, kidney, kidney Yi Shi, porridge eating benefits pubic region, complement deficiency . "

Also known as rice beans, long beans. Natured, sweet, can the kidney and spleen, in addition to spleen Yi Shi, and kidney of the people should eat, kidney, diabetes, spermatorrhea, gonorrhea, or frequent urination, women, vaginal discharge, eat the most appropriate. "Compendium of Materia Medica" has been recorded: cowpea management in Qi, kidney and stomach, raw essence. "Sichuan Chinese Medicine Chi also said that it" Yin and kidney, spleen and stomach, cure leucorrhea, gonorrhea and kidney wet dream. "

Bovine bone marrow
The role of the lungs, kidney, and marrow. Kidney Leishou, fine blood loss, it is particularly appropriate.

The warm, salty taste, with deficiency of effect, but also warm kidney yang, so kidney is less than the waist and knee weakness or cold pain, eat the most appropriate.

Sheep bones
Warm, sweet, to kidney strong bones and muscles. Kidney disorders, waist and unable to stand the cold, the muscles spasm pain, Yi Shi.

Pig kidneys
Nature, salty taste. Therefore, arising from the kidney due to backache low back pain, nocturnal emission, night sweats, and the elderly kidney deafness, tinnitus, should eat it.

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