best foods for the skin health
The skin is also a favorite food? Of course, beauty beauty, improve problem skin nutrient-rich foods are skin like food, skin care experts summed up the following 10 kinds of skin favorite food, to see which is like our skin, remember that usually eat more, get that good supple skin.
Flattening skin and new wrinkles: Tomatoes contain lycopene help flattening wrinkles, make skin smooth and delicate. An experiment to eat tomatoes, but also less dark circles, not susceptible to sunburn.
Keep skin ruddy and shiny: honey known as the "Nature of the most perfect nutritional food", containing a large number of easily absorbed amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates, nutrition, full, rich, eat it make the skin red and tender, and shiny.
To prevent wrinkles: Omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon can eliminate the damage of skin collagen and skin moisturizing factor of bioactive substances, prevent wrinkles, avoid the skin becomes rough.
Regulate oil secretion: Kelp is a rich mineral content of alkaline food, eat the regulation of blood pH, to prevent excessive skin sebum.
Enhance the skin against damage: Broccoli is rich in vitamins A, vitamin C and carotenoids, can enhance the skin's resistance to injury, also helps to maintain skin elasticity.
Enhance the skin tension: the milk is the favorite food of the skin in the evening. It can improve skin cell activity, and delay skin aging, enhance skin tone, eliminating small wrinkles and other effects.
Eliminate freckles and other spots: kiwi fruit rich in vitamin C, can interfere with melanin production to prevent pigmentation, keeping the skin white, and help to eliminate the existing freckles and other spots on the skin.
Keep the skin moist and delicate: contains carotenoids help to maintain the normal function of the skin tissue, reduce wrinkles, and stimulate the skin's metabolism, keep skin moist and tender.
To prevent pigmentation in the skin: the soybean is rich in vitamin E, can not only destroy the chemical activity of free radicals, thus inhibiting the aging of the skin, the better to prevent pigmentation in the skin.
Pork skin
Filling the skin: skin food rich in collagen and elastin. Collagen that causes cells to become full, thus filling the skin, reducing wrinkles; elastin can enhance skin elasticity.
Long health Xiaobian remind: a healthy diet is an important guarantee of our physical health, healthy eating habits need us over time to cultivate. To keep in mind that a healthy diet is an important part of our health. To learn more about healthy eating, please pay attention to a long healthy diet net channel.

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