My baby suddenly suffering from a urinary tract stones onset soon, the day to the local hospital catheterization but not inserted into the catheter, consider holding back urine more than 36 hours may be complicated by acute renal failure, doctors recommend Lok, when my heartwas broken. To save him the only way is to the field of medical technology, cities do urethrostomy surgery. Xinyi Heng in order to save it, my husband and I, the next day brought to Chengdu had the surgery and, fortunately, was surgery in a timely manner, and now it recovered.
But with this experience filled with emotion, I would like to remind you the parents of the male cat to pay attention to the child's urinary tract health, neutering the male cat to drink more water, more exercise! ! ! ! If the phenomenon of frequent urination or urine abnormal phenomenon must be the first time to a trusted hospital.

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