daily food for good health
First, to train or play hobby. Loving elderly, can be re-cultivation, such as calligraphy, painting, stamp collecting, collection, flowers, fish, bird feeders, and so on. Elderly previous hobbies, play can be based on their physical condition, which will enable elderly people are happier, more fulfilling life.
Second, subscribe to favorite newspapers. The newspapers can put a man to learn from the spiritual nourishment, rich life. Especially the elderly susceptible to chronic diseases, should be more focus on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, health knowledge, enrich their leisure time by reading books, newspapers growth.
Arrangements for the appropriate form of labor. Elderly retired later, you can assume a certain amount of housework, such as grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and their kids, so that both the increase in family responsibilities, but also increased their physical exercise, but also make life more substantial.
Select the appropriate movement. Exercise can contribute to the vitality of life, good for health is the health and longevity is an effective way, any nutritional supplements can not be replaced. Such as jogging, boxing, swimming, croquet, etc., are suitable for the elderly. To breathe fresh air, often to the nature of slow regular deep breathing can promote the body to relax, relieve stress, keep the mind sharp.
The fifth is to maintain good eating habits. There is an old saying goes, "Food" diet structure is irrational, human health will be affected. Because the elderly are weak stomach, transport and weakness, the body's digestion and absorption, and a young man compared to the relatively poor. Therefore, a reasonable diet for the elderly is of great significance. Time quantitative uptake in line with the nutritious meals, to promote a balanced diet, including milk, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and whole grains, eat low-fat, salt and high protein foods. This will help to prevent the elderly susceptible to common diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease. The meals have to do some soft, rotten some. The meal should be eight full appropriate, especially for dinner.
Is to ensure that adequate sleep. From time to time to fall asleep, as far as possible without sleeping pills, sleep time varies from person to person need not be fixed, to wake up after feeling comfortable as the standard, should also pay attention to during the day to rest and relax. Can develop the best habits of taking a nap. Indoor regular ventilation, do not smoke. Make the living environment full of fresh air.
Seventh, make intimate friends. The elderly have a good mentality and emotional stability, it is necessary away from the eccentric. Can make some intimate or friends, in order to have the opportunity to have a subject to talk to about the feelings of life, each other to share the joy and happiness.

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