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The Moscow restaurant is familiar with Beijing. Occasionally been to a trip that year, the fat but not greasy butter fish, thicken the sauce shiang Pot Stew beef, especially the red soup steaming so many years, the tongue seems to keep it sticky acid The sweetness Road.
Later learned that the reason why that red soup color is red, sweet, because the main ingredient used in red beet.
On secondary school when the beet is a crop used to produce sugar, mainly grown in the cool climate of the north, a hundred years ago in Europe, sugar beet, sugar production had accounted for over half of total output. Beet, sugar, a variety of different colors, it is because inside the vacuoles of its cells contain the pigment of different colors used to produce sugar beet, sugar, light-colored main cook eat beet red, people It's called beetroot in China, also called the the laver head, the food industry also use it to produce food hyperchromic agent.
Beetroot contains a lot of magnesium, sodium and potassium and other trace elements, vitamin C content is also high. Its unique betaine and other substances in the body such as the combined effect of folic acid and vitamin B complex, can reduce the blood concentration of the amino acid cysteine, cysteine ​​is heart disease, stroke and peripheral harmful substances in vascular disease. Therefore, the consumption of beetroot on the health of the cardiovascular system may have certain advantages.
Beetroot is also rich in antioxidants, to help our bodies to resist harmful to health of a variety of free radicals. It also helps to prevent common diseases such as skin infections, anemia and digestive diseases. Because it is conducive to speed up the metabolism and the defecation, constipation and weight loss have a more obvious effect. In addition, some also believe that it prevent Alzheimer's, and digestive system cancers such as colon cancer help.
The beetroot traditional Russian and Eastern European diet used, the previously mentioned red soup is just one of. Salad inside the common sliced ​​or chopped beetroot, there are many appetizers do without it. Many years ago I went to Germany, lived in a family hotel, daily breakfast has a disc hostess jam, beetroot and apple labeled slurry, sprinkle an unknown coriander, wipe toast is very tasty.
In the United States, the most common pickled beetroot almost all of the salad bar, buffet restaurant, there will be a dark red beetroot slices. Can also be made of beetroot variety of salads, such as the little man beetroot cut flap grilled with onions, oranges mixed up, plus seasonings, it becomes a roasted beet salad . The red soup (Chinese called it borscht), unless the European style restaurants, you have yourself done.
Beetroot can also use the juicer to make a drink, and can also be squeezed broken food along with other fruits, vegetables. Formula, with a beetroot, a green apple and a carrot, cut into small pieces broken juicer, regular consumption of at least good for digestion.

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