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Xiao Zhou of young girls suffering from "abnormal", recurrent fever, lower limb paralysis, a few years to find the cause. Recently, the Southern Medical University, Zhujiang Hospital, orthopedic help, the disease-causing culprit finally kick out. It turned out that Xiao Zhou's lower limb was hit by insect borers paralysis. As the insects erosion of her hip bone mineral borers have severe osteoporosis, resulting in difficulty walking. Recently, the hospital doctors Xiao Zhou implemented surgery. Reporters yesterday to see Xiao Zhou, and she come down to earth to walk no longer a problem.

Girl in January issued a fever

Xiao Zhou was born in Hubei Huanggang this is a healthy, lively girl, outstanding academic achievement. 2005, every six months to send a high fever, pain and fever always right leg, followed by swelling and the emergence of large pieces of erythema.

The fever typically lasts three to five days after outpatient injection of penicillin and other antibiotics or taking anti-inflammatory drugs, Xiao Zhou, symptoms can be alleviated, and may increase with age, she found their own walk with the right leg there will be pain swelling must be stopped to rest in order to ease the symptoms of the original half-yearly fever has gradually developed into almost once a month, and finally only in bed.

Since then, the mother of weeks with her daughter to embark on the road rough-seeking, a few years, you can run several hospitals, doctors still can not give a clear diagnosis, Xiao Zhou gradually lost confidence in their disease.

Eat dog suffering from hydatid disease

In August 2011, Xiao Zhou transferred to modern medical treatment hospital orthopedics, the Professor said that the pathology report shows that Xiao Zhou is suffering from bone hydatid disease. Hydatid disease is also called hydatid cyst disease is caused by a parasite called Echinococcus disease caused by the human body. Echinococcus parasites in dogs, wolves and other canine carnivores body. the discharge of eggs with faecal contamination of water, forage, food, cattle, sheep and other herbivorous animals and even human consumption cause an infection. "

The original, small Zhou has been the history of pets and cattle and sheep and other domestic animals, not only her cats raised for eight years, also raised a dog, did not raise a year, put the dog at home kill and eat. Doctors estimate that the eating of dog meat may have been contamination of the hydatid human consumption after being infected.

Clear etiology, Li Song Jian Xiao Zhou for a period of three months of anti-hydatid treatment until remission after total hip arthroplasty. The end of February 2012, the small weeks into the operating room. After a difficult, ultimate success of the hip replacement for Xiao Zhou.

The reporter saw yesterday postoperative weeks to restore the good doctor's help, she was through the exercise gradually restore function, and now, to walk again, has no problem.

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