When McDonald's, KFC and other Western fast food is crazy influx to China, the Americans began to wake up, they hate fast food high in calories and fat -
McDonald's, hamburger, Kentucky fried chicken, pizza Xianbing and other Western-style fast food just as a burst of strong whirlwind swept the globe, many Chinese people, especially children and adolescents these delicious smelling, attracted by the soft texture of food, but when a real treat of fast-food restaurants, ever think of these fast food food and social and human health?
The generation of fast food is a product of today's fast life tempo, while easy, convenient, nutritious, delicious, the basic elements of the four fast food has quietly sneaked into the different sectors of the same people in need of heart. So today all over the world young and old, well-known Western fast food has also emerged.
However, the quality of Western-style fast food is what? In the United States, as changes in the way of people's diet, in particular, is popular with high energy, high fat, high carbohydrate fast food, many of the vascular wall to give birth to a layer of yellow oily matter, and that is the culprit of disease cholesterol, while around them obese is also more and more, all Americans are forced to reassess their favorite fast food.
We know that a physiological function of fat is to improve the taste, in order to make food more delicious by adding different proportions and different types of fat in the cooking process can achieve mouthwatering results, such as Western-style fast food potatoes cut into bar oil has become a deep-fried French fries, crispy delicious taste of the kind of structure will be one of the most favorite food, but worrying is that the fat in fast food is the largest on the cardiovascular damage unsaturated fatty acids, as risk factors among food produce visible consequences of disease in general among the crowd after about 20 years. Overweight adolescents in the United States, accounting for 20%, surveys show that these children eat fast food what does not, at least 55 million obese American adults throughout the year, they are eating fast food. For decades, millions of Americans is to eat high energy, high-fat, high carbohydrate and multi-meat fast-food become fast food to feed a large generation, however, they paid a heavy price for fast food. Obesity and cardiovascular disease, the proportion of patients among them to be much higher than the average family diets.

Even more serious is, to develop a special taste of the high-fat fast food, making them difficult to accept other foods and eating habits can not be changed, leading to obesity than the high incidence of cardiovascular disease. The second is the social problems brought about by the fast food, fast food generation due to obesity and cardiovascular disease so that they socialize, find the ideal career and even marriage, have failed, so they will feel lonely, desperate and feel they are social abandoned, and thus they face personal, family, the incidence of social problems far higher than their peers who grow up in a normal family eating environment which, this is an indisputable fact, at the same time which is why the United States from the early 1990s began to wake up, and the reasons for the fast food they hate. They criticized the requirement to adjust the formula, requiring fast-food production is rich in fresh vegetables, low heat, low-fat, unsaturated fatty acids beneficial to cardiovascular health fast food, but the problem is that this way the fast food industry boss earn How much money, but because the Americans are strong health and self-protection awareness at the same time there are strict laws, so in the fast food of the United States only in accordance with a new recipe to cook with sales, but in other places, especially outside the United States, or high-fat, high-calorie old formula.
Of course, the introduction of Western-style fast food is indeed for the prosperity of the country's market, rich people's diet varieties play a role as an attempt, as the spice of life, as an emergency on the Western-style fast food occasionally eat also not a bad idea, but for Western-style fast food the negative impact, we must not be underestimated, particularly the use of the health of children and young people is guaranteed to make people, we should develop their good eating habits, to reform the unreasonable dietary structure, to avoid the generation of fast food in China. kinds of sequelae.

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