effects of 'junk' food on health
 By studying the tables, we can see that the problem is more serious. More than 90% of respondents ate junk food, plus it is not clear whether people who eat junk food, nearly 100%. Only less than 30% of the number of people who regularly eat junk food accounted for 40% of do not like junk food. More serious is that the number of people love junk food actually accounted for 60%, the situation is not optimistic. When asked whether he often junk food for the food, although the answer is "the number of proportion of small, but still up 16.4 percent. In fact, according to survey results, more than half of the respondents on the concept of junk food is ambiguous.
What is junk food? Junk food only to provide some heat, and no other nutrients in food. Or more than the body needs, and become the food of the extra ingredients. A class is in addition to calories without other nutrients, the food, the other is more than the body needs and cause excess food ingredients. World Health Organization announced the top ten junk food: fried foods, preserved foods, processed meat food (meat floss, sausage, ham), biscuits (including low-temperature baking and whole wheat crackers ), soft drinks, cola beverages, convenience foods (mainly referring to instant noodles and puffed food), canned foods (including meat and fish and fruit), plum preserves preserved fruit food, frozen dessert foods (ice cream, popsicles, ice cream, etc.) , grilled food.
   The young American director Morgan Spurlock, the film boldly to do experiments of their own bodies as a white mouse. For 30 days, Spurlock ate only three meals a day of food sold by McDonald's, and even drinking water taken from the McDonald's, proved by no means false, in particular, to find three doctors to do the record for the entire experimental process, and regular follow-up he health status. Before the commencement of this crazy experiment, Spurlock's health status is almost comparable to professional athletes. But after the gorge month hamburgers, french fries, the tragedy: Spurlock knees are sore because the surge in weight, physical condition plummeted.
Yang, chief physician of Hainan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Public Health, said: "The human body needs a variety of nutrition is quantitative, if the nutritional intake of more than normal human needs, it will burden the body, causing nutrient accumulation, and bring obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease and other diseases. "He believes in daily food, not the same complete nutritional content, regardless of any food, single, a lot of food can lead to nutritional excess or imbalance, not to mention those recognized as "junk food". Yang pointed out that our residents are now widespread dietary intake of calcium, zinc, vitamin, dietary imbalance. Frying, grilling food contains large amounts of carcinogenic substances, preserved, puffed food containing large amount of nitrite and other very harmful chemical composition of some foods by adding an excessive amount of artificial additives, these foods to human health caused great harm, but many people are not aware of.
  The dietary structure of our traditional food-based, non-staple food is fresh food, not less for the fine processing, candy consumption, tea popular beverage, cooking food mostly use vegetable oil. Foreign nutrition experts believe that China's traditional diet is the best diet to prevent obesity and other diseases of affluence occurred. But a decade ago, the investigation has shown that people's dietary structure of an obvious change. Shanghai, for example: In 1992, the food intake of the Shanghai urban and rural residents, fewer than in 1982 22%, while the consumption of animal foods has increased by 1.5 times; daily per capita calorie intake of 2373 kcal, fat to provide heat from 9% in 1959 rose to 27 percent higher than the Japanese average. Studies have shown that a diet high in trans fat content, such as cardiac artery disease and atherosclerosis and other diseases associated with daily intake of trans fat 5g, the risk of heart disease increased by 25%.
With the development of medical science, the development of the disease have further knowledge and understanding of proposed should be the prevention of adult chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. on children and adolescents, but in our country this issue is far from being attention.
Issues are concerned, the United Kingdom has "junk food" (refers to is not conducive to healthy food), often through a variety of ways to remind people to be resisted. Now, faced with increasingly serious problem of childhood obesity, the British Government will introduce a more stringent policy of "junk food" and "heavy attack". Among them, the very dramatic trick: play any "junk food" (referring to McDonald's, fast food) advertising ban on all television before 21:00.
In recent years, the "Fat Man" British teenagers are more and more, the problem of childhood obesity a cause for concern. According to statistics, nearly 10 years, the number of obese children in the age of 15 has increased by more than 2 times. Medical experts warn that obesity is like a time bomb, and may lead to children's health problems.
The British Government will also have a number of other measures to limit "junk food", such as: requiring food manufacturers to implement a strict "lights" marker system in the food packaging: the most unhealthy food must be labeled "red" signs, and plans to impose a surcharge on hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks, butter and whole milk and other "junk food" obesity tax or VAT.
From the current situation, do not eat junk food seems unlikely, then we ought to pay attention to the variety and quantity of choices, pay attention to balanced nutrition.
   In fact, the alternative to junk food, food, best food, including the World Health Organization announced:
The best fruit papaya, strawberries, oranges, oranges, kiwi, mango, apricot, persimmon and watermelon.
Best vegetables, sweet potato only rich in vitamins, but also anti-cancer expert, first of all vegetables; asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, eggplant, beets, carrots, shepherd's purse, kohlrabi Lan vegetables, mushroom, Brassica juncea, Chinese cabbage.
Best meat of ducks and geese meat chemical structure close to the olive oil, good for the heart. Chicken, fresh fish and shrimp.
4 chicken soup the best of the best soups, especially the mother chicken soup combat colds, bronchitis, especially for drinking in winter and spring.
In short, fresh, healthy way processing vegetables, fruits, meat, the staple food, etc., are a healthy food. Want people to healthy life, stay away from junk food.

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