the fast food and health book is a good book. The combination of science and humanities, a combination of theory and practice, makes one look to understand, to understand on the use, with the spirit. Teach people how to keep books of scientific knowledge from physical and mental health!
The book is to combine my work and life practices, and careful to collect health information, and sort out, classify these data, the benefit for themselves and friends comrades, not a book to expect. Later accumulation has been the accumulation of small, carefully selected, bold choice, leaving their essence away its unorganized, they organize into a book. The book is divided into the spirit of article "," movement "," diet articles, articles of life "set secret of good health, the essence of health care, is the first choice of the people and strength fitness, health to the Code.
The book is both for the "fast food", an article short, precise and appropriate decent, broad; two user-friendly, simple and convenient, convenient and practical. Is compiled are dedicated to a precious gift to each seek healthy. As one philosopher said: a practical action step than a dozen programs.

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