the fast food health issues
According to the "Central News Agency reported on the 13th, the British health experts warned that parents fed fast food and unhealthy food, obesity has become a serious problem of child health, to the hospital, children as young as 6 years old or fat to the stroke.
A 66 with severe hospital survey found that more than 5,500 children aged under 16 in the past five years, because the prevalence of obesity in the hospital, where about 400 people less than 5 years old, at least 40 people are not even a year old.
The survey shows that primary school students, 1 in every 3 people are classified as medically obese children, the situation is worrying.
Child health experts point out that childhood obesity worse, in addition to the parents too early weaning, feeding them unhealthy food such as hamburgers, French fries and high-fat foods.
Physicians to provide obesity treatment Shaq (Paul Sacher), said he had often seen parents give their children lollipops, chocolate or potato chips and snacks, as well as mother fizzy drinks into the bottle to the baby drink in the Wells area and even parents be potato chips into the bottle.
Obesity caused these children to adults only health problems, such as breathing difficulties, diabetes, and two were only 6 years old and 8-year-old children because overweight, put pressure on the body, appeared one after another stroke, the experts worried.

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